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FG stops Nasir el-Rufai from getting a new Nigerian international passport
x | September 17, 2009
Nasir el-Rufai, the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has reportedly been denied a new Nigerian international passport by the government... (6) Comment



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teema    kaduna, nigeria    September 16, 2013
i wonder were the politics of this country is going to,cant a man have a choice of his own,must he be forced to join you even if he is not willing to.pls FGN leave ELRUFA'I alone he is no longer intrested in going along with you.
Steve    Vienna, Austria    September 19, 2009
All this mallams that have distroyed my fathers land should be brought to justice.

What is he doing in London?? He should go home and answer for his deeds. Period.
Tayo    Dallas, USA    September 19, 2009
Please, that we are abroad does not mean that we are uneducated. The last page of the passport reads "The passport remains the property of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and may be withdrawn at any time".

Let us keep sentiments down and use our heads more. The FGN has a right to withdraw, cancel or deny the issuance of a passport to an individual (just as America has a right to deny, cancel or withdraw your passport as a naturalized American).
cliff    Baltimore, md, USA    September 18, 2009
Hmmm! this is like yar'adua regime, they (EFCC) want prosecute el rufai that kept Abuja clean that all of them enjoy today. yet the likes of ibori, odili, and all the other ex-governors walk free. let them keep telling the whole world that corruption in Nigeria is here to stay.
fela    pomona, USA    September 17, 2009
What does he need that stupid passport for. a passport that is belittled and disrespectd in any other country is no passport, El rufai damn that stupid passport.

damn the so called president, damn the atty gen Andoakaa, damn the stupid non progressive congress, damn the so called law makers, damn everthing the ruling party pdp stand for.....period
Kotoko    Ottawa, Canada    September 17, 2009
What an idiotic behaviour? Who is really in-charge Nigeria and how do they make "very dunb
decissions?" First, they knew his case while still in Nigeria and refused to deal with it and allowed him out of Nigeria.

Now they have created an illussion and refurbished him as an innocent by denying him Passport
and making him a stateless man. Even his enemies would now sympathise with him and consider the Nigerian government the evil and forgive El rufai.

Yar'Adua, your rule of the law is packed full of shit. Clean up Yar'Adua.
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