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Nigerian (419) scam is the most widespread online scam of the last ten years
x | September 03, 2010
Panda Security's anti-malware laboratory, PandaLabs, has just released its list of the most frequent online scams of the past 10 years and the Nigerian... (3) Comment



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Akwesi yeboah    Accra, Ghana    May 21, 2012
You pple are just mentioning Nigeria alone where as many country doing all sort of things and nigeria to cover up.............i tell you,there are many honest nigerian than you can imaging but this not to say nigerian are not doing all these
ifeayi chioma    omku, nigeria    September 22, 2010
i am saying caution should be taken for the 419 stars because it is also depriving the real and truthful transactions which is very bad why is it that Nigerians are not known for good things, drug, child, white slavery popularly known as trafficking, advance fee fraud, election rigging and picking and imposing elective position into offices efcc icpc no person that have been convicted, well i am not yet tired of this country because it is my country but i think it is high time we rise to our challenges the most appalling aspect of it is that our parent even support their children other wise as a parent you should know what your child is doing to be driving expensive cars summarily people caught of 419 should be sentenced to prison for their evil deed what about immunity clause that is covering masqueraded leaders
Monica van Delden    Diemen, Netheralnds    September 09, 2010
Other scams??? Except for The Girlfriend Scam which has more perpetrators from Russia and the Ukraine then from Nigeria. The Lottery Scam, , Job Offers, The Mistake, Facebook / Hotmail/Yahoo are all 419 advance fee scam and have a Nigerian connection
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