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Fuel subsidy strikes and protests, in Nigeria, have been suspended for two days.
x | January 13, 2012
Unions in Nigeria have suspended the strikes and protests, that have been going on for the last five days in Nigeria over the removal of the fuel subsidy... (3) Comment



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Pastor Commander Samyoung onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    January 15, 2012
The Secret of Fuel Subsidy Protest: When Two Elephants Fight the Grass Suffers. Fuel Cartel Smugullers. The Big Men who live in the Northern Nigeria use Nigeria masses Fuel Subsidy Protest to protect their business. They are the Importers of President Goodluck's fuel, and same time their agents are major smugglers who smuggle fuel through Northern border towns to Niger, Chad and others. Take for example when Kaduna Refinery was producing thousands of tons of Tin Kero hardly you see a tin in any southern market, but trailer loads were sent out to border towns for illegal export. President Johnathan and his people knew these men because it involved many retired Generals.

Nigeria masses suffers because these gangs use them as cover for cheap fuel. Do we really want a true Nigeria or not? Let the North allow National Conference. Pastor Tunde Bakare go home and do your home work before you come out to talk.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    January 14, 2012
Who loses at the end of the strike, government or labour / civil society? My guess? Labour / civil society. Why? The arguements advanced so far are two weak for or against removal of fuel subsity. Within the weakness, the government position is stronger even though it is wrong. God save Nigeria.
Collins    Aba, Nigeria    January 13, 2012
NLC didn't you have any other work doing than agitating against what will profits us tomorow. Stop presurazing that man. If is of your own wish he won't have been there. Your striking has destroyed many souls, death, homeless, hunger, robbery, hatred , tribelysm, fighting blindly because of your selfish purpose. Even me here, i'm using my last kobo to send this! Please enough is enough. If you misunderstood me kindly contact me. 08067473786.
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