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Price of petrol reduced to 97 naira per litre in Nigeria - President Jonathan address the nation
x | January 16, 2012
In a national broadcast this morning, President Goodluck Jonathan announced a reduction in the price of petrol to N97 per litre from N141 per litre. This... (5) Comment



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Kaycee    Columbus, OH, USA    January 26, 2012
It is always easy for the folks abroad, especially in the US, to agree with the removal of subsidy. It is warranted because it cost 40cents per liter, which comes to about $1.60 per gallon, compare to $3.50 per gallon over here. But in a country where almost 80% pf people live under $2 per day, the subsidy is really needed.

And for one of the 8 top oil producing countries in the world, there should be a perk for that. If Nigeria need to balance its budget and clean out it economic mess, it should start with the paychecks and allowances of our elected officials. Starting with GEJ, himself and work our way down, and we will be surprise to see how much will be recovered. If they are accountable with the oil revenue now, with visible social amenities for its citizens, then I may just be able to justify the subsidy removal. Because i do not see the reason why over 99% of population has to sacrifice and suffer while the "greedy and fortunate" 1% enjoy. just not fair. Let us look at what happened in Egypt and Libya last year.

We are gradually teetering a revolution. May God Bless and Protect our great Nation, Nigeria.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    January 19, 2012
How did government arrive at N97 per litre? In Venezuela, it is $0.12 or N19.56 per litre (exchange rate: $1 = N163). Is Venezuela leadership daft and does not have theoretical economists? We shall revisit this issue with greater details later. God save Nigeria.
OBJ    Houston, USA    January 17, 2012
With all due respect, President Jonathan is a failed leader. He has been in this office for almost six months, and he is yet to take any positive step to direct the nation towards progress, rather the nation has regressed since the inception of his presidency. You don't have to be an economist or PhD to know that abrupt and arbitrarily increasing the cost of fuel by 117% without carefully analyzing the drastic negative impact on the economy is beyond comprehension.

It is very clear that this president has bunch of uneconomic, dumb, worthless, and above all unintelligent individuals as economic and political advisors. All they know is how to steal from the government and enrich themselves. A high school student that has taken the lowest level of economics will make a better decision than the leaders of our nation did. No wonder we are closer to Stone Age than civilization. We have someone as president with PhD, yet his decision making ability is lower than that of a high school student. Who awarded this man PhD? The university should be ashamed of the knowledge that they impacted in him. It does not worth the paper the degree was printed.

You don't have to be expert in any field to know that the turnaround of the economy of Nigeria depends on power supply, infrastructure such as quality highway system, sewage, water supply, land based telecommunication system etc, refineries, quality education, and quality healthcare system. Every Nigerian understands this; except our PhD president and his advisors. Where is the leadership? Mr. President, do us a favor and step aside so that someone with leadership acumen can take over and provide the leadership that this nation needs at this critical time. We are waiting for your urgent response. The die is cast.
Telema Harry    Warri, Nigeria    January 16, 2012
President Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan would rather pull down the whole arena with everybody, than go down alone. He runs a Government full of PHD holders who lack analytical knowledge of situations. If this is how PHD is, I'll rather stay with school cert.
Larry Jones    Columbus, Ohio, USA    January 16, 2012
He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. President Jonathan is fighting a good fight which past leaders did not have the willingness to fight. Corruption is the biggest problem in Nigeria. The oil sector is rottened and somebody needs to stand up in order to safe the future of the country. The government needs to continue to educate nigerians about the social economic benefits of withdrawing the remaining subsidy. However, the subsidy already withdrawn should be invested wisely to benefit ordinary nigerians. Most igerians are good people that will always appreciate the leaders that care for their needs.
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