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Oil producing states criticise Niger State governor's call for review of revenue allocation formula
x | February 27, 2012
While inaugurating the advisory council of the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, the Governor of Niger State and Chairman of the Northern Governors... (1) Comment



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Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa    Kaduna, Nigeria    February 27, 2012
Interesting;-This 13% derivatives issue table above seem to eared to the actual issue recorded on matter of derive formula drawn earlier by Philipson and Professor J.R. as recommendation in 1946

Thus, being the first revenue allocation exercise in Nigeria which was based on principle of derivation tampered with the policy of even progress -especially considering natural disaster eg. As they saw it coming a head with time, the south sinking into the lagoon; the far north devastated by encroachment of the desert.

Also by 1952/53 there was a further innovation based on principles of derivation needs and national interest-also considering the south sinking into the lagoon the far north devastated by encroachment of the desert; which Sir Lovis Chick commission in 1953 re-enforced a formula for peace and development as Nigeria a country appropriately being put in the AFRICA MAP.

Title as:-the principle of derivation for NIGERIA, in which all regional government accepted and use. Therefore, there is more to the rudimentary to comprehend the issue of the 13% formula because the whole country is a factor...
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