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Nigerian govt. will investigate more before prosecuting those indicted in N1.7tn oil subsidy scam
x | May 04, 2012
Contrary to the desire of most Nigerians for the swift prosecution of the individuals and firms indicted in the House of Representatives fuel subsidy... (4) Comment



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Dimkpa Kpomeyie Kingsley    Port Harcourt, Nigeria    June 26, 2012
The House of Reps should do the thoroughly investigation and allow the appropriate law enforcement agency/agencies to prosecute those found wanting. So that it would serve as lesson for others that were having intentions to indulge in defruading the nation.
Maryc    Lagos, Nigeria    May 08, 2012
U r right guy
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    May 05, 2012
The AGF should be sent to the psychiatrist hospital for mental dysfunctioning. Why? First, he did not know the meanings of investigation and fact finding. To his, the House Committee only carried out "fact finding" while the agencies of government "investigate". Gramatically, both words mean the same thing. The only difference is that "fact finding" is a phrasal verb while "investigate" is a verb in its perfect tense. Second, the AGF has never read the Constitution and cannot vouch on its far reaching effects.

That the Constitution provides that the State (meaning the Federal Govt) shall abolish corruption and that every suspect has a right to defend himself before a competent judge implies fair play. The civil society and SNG have only asked for this fair play. Nobody has said that they should be jailed or executed without trial in a competent court. Third, our EFCC and the judiciary had all the time, money, personnel and energy to investigate, prosecute and sentence our Mr. James Ibori here in Nigeria. Even with a 138 count charges levelled against him, the judiciary discharged and acquitted him on all.

But the Metropolitan Police in London only made 10 charges against him before the Southwalk Court. Over there, the same man pleaded guilty to all the charges and has been sentenced accordingly. The import is that time availability is not the issue but competent prosecutors and incorruptible judiciary. There are many issues to write upon but for time and space. The foregoing may have exposed the mediocrity occupying the post of AGF. There are countless numbers of such mediocrities in Mr. Jonathan's administration parading themselves as experts. God save Nigeria.
louis    delhi, India    May 04, 2012
Ye ye government. what re you investigating? delay tactics so that those involved will find their way out
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