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We have to start accusing the government bombings in parts of Northern Nigeria and Abuja - el-Rufai
x | June 04, 2012
Malam Nasir el-Rufai, a former Minister of Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in an interview suggested that the Federal Government is partly... (2) Comment



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lawrence    kaduna, nigeria    June 30, 2012 when el-rufai was in gov't their were many things wrong,pls rufai dnt take ur anger of being out of gov't against d gov't u were once a part of...w'r trying to think here.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 05, 2012
When has Mr. El-Rufai become the people's advocate, today or this year? He seemed to have forgotten history so soon. Today the federal government is bad, mismanaging all sectors of the economy. But does the mismanagement start today or from the days of Mr. Obasanjo when Mr. El-Rufai was the arrow head of every govenrmnet policy?

We must recall that when the issue of high salary packages were introduced by the Obasanjo regime, Mr. El-Rufai was there to defend it. His defence: high salary was necessary to attract high caliblre experts. When the issue of payment to two serving ministers in foreign currency was made public, Mr. El-Rufai was there again to defend it. His defence: he personnally invited Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Mr Bode Adiniji. In addition, he streessed that the duo were reluctanct to come until equivalent payments of what they were earning were assured.

It must be remembered that the late Mr. Gani Fawehinmi went to court on this issue. The supreme court finally decided the case that the duo should make some refund into the coffers of the government. The issue ended there because the fighter, Gani, was dead. I wonder why Mr. El-Rufai refused to see the begining of the problem he seems to elaborate upon today.

Mr. El-Rufai probably forgot his article or essay on how the PDP would rule Nigeria for over 50 years with the principal officers alligning themselves according to geopolitical North and South divide until the late law-abiding president, Mr. Yar'Adua, destroyed the arrangement. May his soul rest in peace, amen.

If Mr. Yar'Adua had not destroyed the arrangement, Mr. El-Rufai would not have been on self imposed exile. Mr. El-Rufai may have forgotten so soon that the number of houses destroyed in Abuja under his reign and the attendant wastages associated with the policy thrust created backlog of indebtedness for the incoming administration, a carry-over till the present regime. When then does Mr. El-Rufai become a changed person?

Mr. El-Rufai should not allow us to go back into history. What happened most of the 1950s and 1960s when the late Mr. Awolowo campigned in the north? Scores of cows were usually directed towards his campaign ground. Please read Mr. Kole Omotosho's book titled: "Just Before Dawn" for further details. Unfortunately, the same Mr. El-Rufai once stated before "Angela" in a television programme that Mr. Jonathan was his friend, and that at a time when he had issues with the EFCC, the boss of the organisation at a time requested him to "talk to your friend (Mr. Jonathan)". And truly, Jonathan was. Mr. Segun Adeniyi has revealed how Mr. El-Rufai and a few of his friends scuttled the ambition of Mr. Peter Odili at the late hour only to subsitute Mr. Jonathan as the late Mr. Yar'Adua's deputy.

If truly, Mr. El-Rufai should be trusted, what has stopped him from reaching out to his friend in Aso Rock, Mr. Jonathan, privately rather than fume in public? There are many more issue but I wish to close the chapter now. God save Nigeria.
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