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President Jonathan is not soft on corruption in Nigeria - Special Adviser on Media
x | July 02, 2012
Reacting to âreports, comments and agitations aimed at creating the totally false impression that the President Goodluck Jonathan is not doing enough... (2) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    July 09, 2012
Jonathan is not soft on corruption? That's rubbish. We know he is not hard on it either. You are either for or against something; there is no middle ground here. It's either Yes or No. People under him dey steal left and right, and you say he is not soft on corruption.

Oh, I just thought of something - Jonathan is not soft on corruption and he is not hard on it either; he is the middle of it. Dis country na yeye. I have been to so many; Nigeria is the worst. Let someone prove me wrong. Anyone who has hope in this country is probably hoping that one day, he will have his or her own chance to steal too.

The great upheaval shall come. That's the only rescue we need. Nothing sensible can resolve this decay. There used to be a time when people stole 10% to 20% of money entrusted to them, and used 90% to 80% to accomplish 90% to 80% of what they needed to accomplish.

They say a stitch in time saves nine. What we are experiencing today is what people get when they don't stitch in time. We did not nip stealing in the bud and the thieves got greedier and became much more emboldened to steal more.

While we watched and did nothing about it, the stealing gradually escalated to 30%, 40%, 50%, 80%, 90%. Along with this level of stealing that gave them so much money to buy justice, also came the culture of killing and assassinations. Now they can even kill and buy their way out. Didn't Uduaghan boast recently that he has the power to kill whomever he wanted? That's what happens when we let problems get out of hand.

Whoever thinks that Nigeria can be repaired without bloodshed is deceiving himself. My only prayer is for it not to be too much. These excessively greedy bastards must GO patapata, if you know what I mean.

I don't know how much money anyone needs to live. Most of the time, they waste this money and do not care about people's suffering. Some of them buy homes in foreign lands and rarely visit these homes. BASTARDS!!!
T. Adam    London, UK    July 03, 2012
To say Jonathan is soft on curruption is to credit him with at least doing someting about it. He is not soft on curruption, he subscribes to its necessity and represents it. His presidency is its product and he is not meant to tamper with it because it is the foundation that sustains his administration. It is what gives him the impetus to pooh-pooh the requirement for his asset declaration.

I think that he is forever grateful for and to it as shown by the number of thanksgiving ceremonies staged to date either by him or on his behalf.
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