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Posting NYSC members to troubled states in Nigeria is a sacrifice to the nation - Minister of Youth
x | July 11, 2012
Speaking about the recent concerns about the safety of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members who are being posted to states in Northern Nigeria where... (9) Comment



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Rahul    SjJEsptrANcBPvSPVtn, rfqfZIOTlWdK    August 06, 2012
The Boko Horam uprising is not the tyicapl Islamist radical vs. Christian duel. The attack was focused more on the state, the police, and the way of life in the north that they found contradictory to the Sharia. They wanted to change the 'system'. This is treason, the first of its kind in recent time. It worries me. It is worrisome that the security apparatus fell asleep and not proactive.It is worrisome that an alleged financier, a former commissioner in Borno state, was executed in the same manner Mohammed Yusuf was, by the police.

What is also worrisome is the fact that indiscriminate police actions have made the Nigerian army look like 'saints' in their handling of the crisis. Boko Haram + Niger Delta + increasing armed robbery + stalled economy + clogged bureaucracy driven by bloated and impotent political structure, and you get a picture of an emerging failed state. Under this kind of situation, anything can happen.

I hope I'm wrong and just over reacting. I hope at the end, the obvious calamity that has been starring Nigeria in the eye will make a miracle u-turn, and all will become well. I really hope so.
walts05    lagos, nigeria    July 24, 2012
Can this stupid minister move his office to noe of the troubled state to feel d heat. He must be a deranged ma. Mad man
Onyii    Aba, Nigeria    July 11, 2012
Ask minister of youth what it means to lost a loved one. The constition is for the people, people are not for the constition. Thanx to house of rep and nysc DG
Uzo    Lokoja, Nigeria    July 11, 2012
I dnt see it as a sacrifies now. This is death sentence. Survive if u can is wat i tagg it
Mary    Lagos, Nigeria    July 11, 2012
The minister himself as a prominent post in boko haram sect and he has promise to sacrifice his children for a higher post. Pls don't kill us we re nt cow tell ur family to relocate to borno or jos minister of killing affair
ooneyo    norcross, us    July 11, 2012
This is a foolish talk from foolish person. His children are abroad, now he wants to be using other people's children for sacrifice
Pearl    Lagos, Nigeria    July 11, 2012
Lets start by sacrificing members of his family. Like the saying goes, charity begins at home.
TOKS    Lagos, 234    July 11, 2012
This is wickedness at its best. Please let us ask the Minister where his own children and relatives will be posted to. OLOSHI!
Dr Godwin    Ishaka, Uganda    July 11, 2012
It looks Nigeria does not value their citizens. President Jonathan will be blamed to allow the northern who do not value the life of their people to destroy the southerns. The southerners who said that western education is a sin wants the southern educated doctors, pharmacists and teachers to serve their people. Unfortunately the big men sponsoring the boko haram have sent their children to Harvard, Oxford etc yet they deceive the common hausa poor people to send their children to commit suicide.
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