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Since independence in 1960, $400 billion of Nigeria’s oil revenue has been stolen or mismanaged
x | August 29, 2012
While presenting a paper titled “Corruption, National Development, The Bar and The Judiciary” at the ongoing 52nd Annual General Conference of the Nigerian... (1) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    September 01, 2012
Sorry to say this, but I have come to the conclusion that the black man is not capable of ruling himself. How long will it take to know how to rule or have a system where leaders are not above the law. Our leaders think they own the law and the law does not apply to them.

Rule of law can never take hold in a blackman's world as long as he is allowed to rule himself. You can take the man out of the bush but you cannot take the bush out of the man. Why is it that we have all the laws in the book but it can never be applied. Leaders are stealing us blind and yet nobody can do anything about it. Gone are the days when they used to run away after they've stolen from us. Now they steal and still remain to rub our noses into it.

Babangida dey there; Abdussalam dey there; Obasanjo dey there with his big fat stomach (thanks Fela); Bankole dey there; Farouk dey there; all of them dey there; other big and small thieves dey there too, looting and stealing like crazy. Abacha, if alive, could have "dey" there too; sebi Abacha's him son too who was not even in government at the time got hundreds of millions of dollars stolen.

It baffles me how, with all the laws, nothing can be done about corruption in our own society. We are using American system of government (ASOG) right now. This same system is being used to manage and prosecute criminal and send them to jail. How come all these thieves I mentioned above, in our own system, are free and even talking?

$400 billion stolen? All these years? Haba! it's a lot more than that. Babangida alone stole over $20 billion, what are you talking about?

To me, it's not about how much anyone in power plans to steal or will eventually steal; it's about what we must do about it. The laws we have are as good as how we implement them.

I still can't understand how just one million thieves in power or government can take the rest of us 159 million people to the cleaners all the time like this. We must be mumu's.

I have been in oyinbo man’s land for many years and I keep wondering how long it took them to arrive at this level. It may not be a perfect system, but it sure marvels me how they can be in such control. Anyone must be out of his mind to try and take any laws into his own hand – dem go show you hell.

But for black man, go no go, and come no come o; yeye still dey smell o. Black people have no clue, and it's sad.
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