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Patience Jonathan, Nigeriaís first lady, hospitalized overseas with food poisoning
x | September 04, 2012
Nigeria's First lady, Patience Jonathan, has been hospitalised in Germany after a severe case of food poisoning, several news outlets have reported. On... (3) Comment



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olayori olaseni    Lagos, Nigeria    September 19, 2012
I wish her Excellency speedy recovery, but those equipment using abroad can also be in our hospitals here in Nigeria for some of us that are not opportune to travel abroad for treatment. Anyway my prayer for is that you will return back n fits in Jesus Name AMEN
D Lord is ur strenght my able first lady. By God's grace u are going to return home alife.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    September 04, 2012
First, not to sound callous, let me wish Mrs. President Jonathan good luck and speedy recovery.

But there we go again, rushing overseas to treat something that can easily be treated at home. I won\'t even be surprised that Mrs. Jonathan may be attended to by a Nigerian doctor who ran away from our hellhole home and are practicing in one of these overseas hospitals. So what!

Competent Nigerians in various fields of science and technology have become like Jews who scattered all over the world and are contributing to advancement in other countries just because Nigeria has nothing to offer them or has disappointed them.

Go to England, they are there; go to America, dem boku yanfu-yanfu; go to Saudi Arabia, wetin you want take dem do there? Some of them are members of Doctors without borders who go to places to render medical help, even in Nigeria. When will we realize that we are wasting our talents as a result of corruption. Nigeria should have been the hub of splendid medical practices, like India, that people from smaller countries in Africa should be seeking medical services from.

A Yoruba saying, states "why travel all the way to Sokoto, to go get something that you have, right where you are, in the pocket of your sokoto (pants or trouser). Nigerians are very competent people and we should try to keep them at home to provide for us.

In many cases, it will be too late to rush someone overseas in medical emergencies. Nigeria is rich enough to have a state-of-the art hospital in every state and many more supporting hospitals to give our people sound medical attention around the clock.

I don\'t believe in preaching to people to stop corruption because people don\'t normally yield to such method. How are you going to preach to or convince a bribe taker to stop taking bribe when he is taking home at least easy N10,000 a day from bribes and his salary is say, $25,000 a month? You can preach all you want.

Preaching to the bribe taker or praying for him or her to stop taking bribe will not make that person change his or her bribe-taking way. It\'s only law enforcement that can stop the bribe taker or any other criminal, dead on their tracks.

Human beings only listen or react to external stimuli that can give them pain, suffering or death. That\'s what enforcement of the law does to people and keep them in check. Why do you think people go to any length to prevent being caught commiting crimes? It\'s only proper punishment for crimes that can stop people, not preaching to them to stop their evil ways.

We need rule of law; we need new policing system and we need each state to have its own police, which, irrespective of the outcome, will still be a lot better than the stupid police system we\'ve stuck to since independence.

The old way of doing things is stale and doesn\'t work anymore. We need change. We need a judiciary that\'s upright to begin with. If our judiciary can clean itself up and judges stop taking bribe, that will be a new beginning in the right direction for us as criminals will now start paying for their crimes.

Let us keep up the fight for good governance. We know it must be forced down the throats of our so called leaders. Remember control of nature must be won because it will never be given to us by these crooks called leaders. Nigeria has never had leaders.
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