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Corruption is not the cause of our problems ... it is an issue of the peopleís attitude - President Jonathan
x | December 31, 2012
Speaking at the funeral, in Yenagoa, of the late former National Security Adviser (NSA), General Andrew Owoye Azazi, who died in a helicopter crash, President... (6) Comment



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OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    January 13, 2013
"If all Nigerians do what is right, Nigeria will change"; unfortunately our president has not done what is right and Nigeria is worse off. Statements such as this is very troubling and it shows that President Jonathan has no understanding of what is going on or what needs to be done to advance the country. He does not see corruption as one of the many reasons the country has regressed. Mr. President, with all due respect, you need to step down for the welfare of the country.

The longer you stay in the office the worst Nigeria becomes. You have failed to lead and have not demonstrated the accountability you were attempting to explain in your speech because you don't know what it means. Show Nigerians that you are accountable, and they will emulate you. Hold you cabinet accountable by letting them go for lack of production, let the governors know that the days of stealing from the citizens are over, let the police officers know that the days of collecting money from road users are over, let the attorney general know that he/she must prosecute all those who violate the law of the land, let NEPA/whatever know that power supply must be constant or else. Mr. President show us accountability and stop showing us ignorance.

God save from Jonathan.
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    January 12, 2013
What? Corruption is not the cause of our problem but our attitude is? How do accidents that happen on good roads relate to corruption in our society? What nonsensical analogy is that?

My God, who is this man and what planet is he from? Does this man think at all before responding to questions about issues? I am ashamed many times over about Jonathanís answers to issues and to call this man my President. This is the person Obasanjo installed on us? What qualities did he find in Jonathan to make him our President?

And he thinks because we have more institutions that fight corruption, then corruption is not our problem; like these institutions are actually fighting corruption. What a freaking Ö. (please excuse my thought of what I would have liked to call this man). Why would we have institutions fighting corruption if corruption is not a major problem? What logic is that? I donít get Jonathan at all.

The whole world knows Nigeria is a very corrupt country; perhaps the most corrupt, I believe. In a rich country like Nigeria, what else can be causing the lack of progress; the lack of good roads; the lack of electricity; the abandonment of water supply to new homes (everybody now drills wells) and postal services in many areas; the increase in extrajudicial killings; the lack of technological advancement; the lack of rule of law; the lack of everything imaginable, etc. if not corruption. All they know how to do is waste or embezzle money.

The solution to a problem can only begin if you admit there is such a problem in the first place. For Jonathan to deny what the whole world knows (and we Nigerians know too), goes to show his lack of understanding of what is going on or he is just simply grandstanding.

Nigerians donít need that. What we need is the truth so we can have real solutions. Let God do whatever He wants with Nigeria - save it, divide it, destroy it, I don't care. May God's will be done.
Nkajlo Vangh    Minnesota, USA    January 02, 2013
It's hard to find a sitting president talking about corruption in his own country. His courage will generate more efforts to straight the Nigerian business and government officials.

Perhaps, it would show his sincerity if he would actually implement some measure that will heve good impact in combatting corruption in Nigerian practices! If not, keep talking may endanger himself.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    December 31, 2012, Mr. Jonathan! I think that you get the logic wrong. The bad road slows down the driver. On good road, the driver speeds to recover lost time on bad road. The overspeeding on good road raises risk of accident. But why have bad road in the midst of trillions spent between 1999 and 2012? Corruption.

No agency fights corruption in Nigeria. Think of Messrs James Ibori, Otedola & Lawan Farouk, etc. Thanks to the bishop. Happy New Year to all Nigerians. God save Nigeria.
Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    December 30, 2012
I hope the President has no personal mental problem regarding to his thoughts and ideas. He said corruption is not the cause of the problems of Nigeria, but the issue of people's attitude. Mr President are you ok? The root of uprising is denial of justice, and truth.

I am sorry if you think you can buy all Nigerians over, those who will see white and called it black. They will see black and called it white, there are still few raised by Christ in this end time to free their weak and needy Nigerians from the hands of their oppressors. You are playing with fire, Nigeria today is not Nigeria of yesterday.

I know you are a sign of Jonah given to Nigerians, because they disbelieved in Christ True Resurrection Day but wait, both you and your groups will the Light of the truth as Saul who became Apostle Paul saw it and believed.
Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    December 30, 2012
The Mystery of Christ that will changes and heals Nigeria. After my harsh reply to President Johnathan's address to corruption. Lord Christ speaks to me saying "If The Foundation be destoryed what can the righteous do?" Corruption has spiritual foundation that made Lord Christ to raised President with corruption as the sign of Jonah to Nigerians and the entire universe.

To show us how painful corruption is, and it's damage to the world. The Word of God and Truth is the foundation of Universe, and angels of tabernacle of the testimony in the Sun have all records of activities in the universe.

If the testimony of Resurrection of Jesus Christ was corrupted by men which denied the angels of Islam of Water and all fowls of the air the spirit of disobedient their Salvation of Christ, how do you think the world will have peace with Sun and his angels?

Therefore cleansing of Nigeria will starts with cleansing the word of God from corruption. Please let all baby Christians hold their peace for this word is not political or drammer but to free us from bondage of men who enslaved us with man made doctrines and denied the truth of Christ.

The Truth of Christ is One Love because we are all sinners. Grace Christ given to his enemies which was denied by Christians brought uprising of Muslims and all spirit of disobedient the fowls of the air in the world.
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