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Nigeria to spend about N60bn ($382m) to provide 10 million mobile phones to farmers
x | January 03, 2013
The Federal Government of Nigeria plans to spend about N60 billion ($382m) to acquire mobile phones for to rural farmers in Nigeria. Speaking at an orientation... (11) Comment



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Kaycee    Columbus, OH, U.S.A.    March 08, 2013
I was trying to do the math $382 m, to provide 10 million cellphones, which amounts to 382/10 equals $38.2 M per phone. Can someone please correct me or maybe my math is totally off. If this I fact true, we are heading toward a revolution sooner than later. May God help us in Nigeria.
Ray    Lagos, Nigeria    February 06, 2013
This is what happens in a county where the judiciary that should hold both the executive and legislative arm of government accountable for their actions is actually begging for crumbs of cake stolen from the national cake

The minister is not stupid rather he is not bothered about what the average Nigerian feels or thinks about his plans to drain the national treasury, he is armed with the knowledge that the judiciary will only put up a show in the name of prosecuting him and he will only be made to part with a paltry sum from the loot
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    January 13, 2013
What a country? This president and the national assembly are the most un-intelligent Nigerians of all time. Just when you think we have seen the lows, it got deeper. This is very shameful.
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    January 13, 2013
"If all Nigerians do what is right, Nigeria will change"; unfortunately our president has not done what is right and Nigeria is worse off. Statements such as this is very troubling and it shows that President Jonathan has no understanding of what is going on or what needs to be done to advance the country. He does not see corruption as one of the many reasons the country has regressed. Mr. President, with all due respect, you need to step down for the welfare of the country. The longer you stay in the office the worst Nigeria becomes.

You have failed to lead and have not demonstrated the accountability you were attempting to explain in your speech because you don't know what it means. Show Nigerians that you are accountable, and they will emulate you. Hold you cabinet accountable by letting them go for lack of production, let the governors know that the days of stealing from the citizens are over, let the police officers know that the days of collecting money from road users are over, let the attorney general know that he/she must prosecute all those who violate the law of the land, let NEPA/whatever know that power supply must be constant or else. Mr. President show us accountability and stop showing us ignorance.

God save Nigeria from Jonathan.
Ismaeel Saeed    Zamfara, Nigeria    January 09, 2013
you are very very stupid, irresponsible people...
caxim04    lagos, nigeria    January 07, 2013
Another avenue to squander tax payer's money. God is watching.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    January 07, 2013
Another waste conduit. God save Nigeria.
scopey    dallas, USA    January 04, 2013
Haba..... Country of the Blind
Give 382 Major farmers $1 million each = naira 156,000,00:00
let each major farmer have 10 contact/ contract farmers with "Naira 10,000,000:00 each

do the maths and see how much job will be created in 6months.......

Farmer: hello! hello!..... my cocoa is now ready to be harvested I need more hands to help.
MTN,Airtel, Globacom: The number you are calling is either switched off or out of the network coverage area.
ANONYMOUS    lagos, nigeria    January 04, 2013
Can someone tell the minister that, this is the dumbest thing that could come out of an educated person. You are just looking for your own means of eating out of the national cake.

Am not surprised because it is men and women of GOD that are the greatest problem in this country. You think like someone that has not been to the four walls of a school (illiterate).
Chris Uko    Abuja, NIgeria    January 04, 2013
Dear Honourable Minister of Agric,
I would rather that you spend this whooping sum of N60b tax payers and Nigeria's oil money to sincerely develop the agric sector.

You can build agro based factories like Rice farms and mills, yam flour processors, etc on a large scale in each senatorial district. This will truely bosst food security and the farmers can buy their phones when need be.

Please don't be dragged into this corruption
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