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"Nigeria will continue to remain a united nation......We will not think about separation" - President Goodluck Jonathan
x | January 14, 2013
During an inter-denominational church service at the National Christian Centre in Abuja to mark the 2013 Armed Forces remembrance day celebrations, President... (4) Comment



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Nwabuikwu pandora onyinyechi    Aba, Nigeria    February 11, 2014
we are going to remain a united country and come out with positive achievements.....seperation is not going to be a solution!!
MAKANJUOLA ADIGUN MUHAMMED.    Lagos, Nigeria    January 22, 2013
Every successive president of the fake nigeria federation would always emphasize unity where none exists. It is most unfortunate that the incumbent president being a university don,does not have the sense of history and he is pretending to know while he knows nothing. If he must be told the bitter truth, One nigeria is dead and it is the massive corruption in the public and private facets of the nigerian national lives that is still sustaining this sadistic, oppotunistic,under-development and genocide induced unity.

The president, thought that most people he hurrily want to refered to, as co-comparitiots do knows that should call and appeasements is fake and unreal.
Insead of convening the sovereign national conference to save his neck, he wants to equate himself with the satanic godfathers that had by their past actions rendered the unity question in nigeria un-sustainable and the continuos call of One nigeria has become illegitimate. The minimum resolution of the nigerian fiasco,is for all the nations within colonial nigeria to return to Aburi.
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    January 18, 2013
There goes the rambler again with his idle talk. There is no way Nigeria will remain a united country because it has never been united. Nigeria has always been an amalgamation of incongruous entities. We really don't like one another.

If you want to see the real picture of how united or disunited we are as a people, come to America or Britain, or Canada or any overseas countries where you have a lot of Nigerians, you will see how we interact with each other and see that we 'hate" one another.

The best way to survive overseas, especially where there is discrimination, racism, or prejudice, is to be united as a people and have a common front. I once read a caption that states, "there is benefit in being part of a group; you'll no longer be easy prey." Nigerians don't ever work together. If you want to take down a Nigerian, it will be a lot easier to go through another Nigerian; easy as that. They say charity begins at home. We don't like each other at home; and we perpetuate that hatred overseas where conditions allow the hatred to really take a harder bite.

Groups such as MASSOB, OPC, AREWA, EGBESU, BAKASSI, BOKO HARAM, MEND, MOSOP, etc. are telltale signs of disunity. On top of that, when you add epidemic, pandemic or endemic corruption to the situation, you are assured of separation someday.

Let's not kid ourselves, Nigeria, as it is being run by a pack of thieves, cannot be sustained. Sooner or later, there will be an end to this marriage of strange bed fellows. Nigeriaís unity will continue to be a shifting target that will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

Nigeria has been on a steady decline and will continue on that path until someone (like J. J. Rawlings) changes it (in a coup) or the people stage a bloody revolt. I would prefer the J.J. option which will be swift and less bloody. I donít see the change being democratic, as it will never happen by way of elections.

I am growing old on a daily basis and canít wait to see a change. We have been in this rot for too long. The government is not solving any societal problems at all, as our complaints have been falling on deaf ears. For example, when will the government do something and make or enforce the law that prevents someone from selling land or a house that does not belong to him or selling it to 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 people?

Mr. Jonathan Goodluck, don't just give speeches; do something for a change.
peculiarmag    lagos, nigeria    January 16, 2013
Goodluck is trying to hold and keep nigeria as one nation, but it seems there some people out there who have vowed to turn all his effort to zero, pls join hands to make nigeria a better place for us all.
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