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Principal who conducted virginity tests on students ordered to be given a psychiatric examination
x | January 23, 2013
The principal of Ajuwon Senior High School in Ogun State who allegedly conducted virginity tests on some students of the school, is to be given a psychiatric... (2) Comment



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ray    Lagos, Nigeria    February 05, 2013
The principal is sure to get away with what she has done because the rule of law is none existent in this country. Crime for which the appropriate punishment is stipulated in the laws of the land (Constitution) is committed with impunity and the law enforcement agents looks the other way
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    January 24, 2013
"if" this, or "if" that, I don't care. The only "if" I would entertain is if she conducted the virginity tests or not.

Mentally stable or not, sound mind or not, this Principal is a sexual offender. And who is talking about demotion - the Principal must be summarily dismissed and also sent to jail for at least 6 months.

This is a manifestation of the lack of rule of law in our nation. For example, when an employee steals from his or her employer, the most you can do in our country is fire or sack the employee. We usually don't prosecute and send the thief to jail. And people don't usually call the police to arrest the culprit. That's no law enforcement. And the thief would simply go somewhere else to do his/her stealing again when he/she should be in jail paying for his/her crime.

I have seen shoplifters arrested here in America a couple of times before and you'll start to wonder how seriously the law takes it. And it goes into your record for life. I am not saying that it is perfect here, but you see that something is seriously being done about it.

If we can't or don't originate anything, at least we should be able to copy it. We see or hear about how law enforcement is done, why can't we just copy it?. We copied the American system of government, why can't we do things the way they do, even it's not a perfect system?

Law enforcement is our foundational problem and we need to do something about it. There is crime in every human being but what keeps us in order most of the time is effective law enforcement. Our leaders are stealing us blind because law enforcement is lacking. And crimes by citizens are not being curbed because of it too.

No society flourishes without adequate law enforcemnt. Human beings are animals and we will do horrible things if there is no adequate law enforcement.

Nigeria was not like this when I was growing up. Our country has seriously decayed since the white man left and it is a shame.

And I will keep on saying what I need to say. I have been in "oyinbo" man's land for too many years and I do appreciate how they do things "as human beings." And what they do is no brain surgery or rocket science. It's simply controlling human behavior as best as they possibly can.

Can we just try?
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