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Obasanjo, ex-President of Nigeria, launches "Obasanjo Foundation'', in London, to tackle critical problems in food, economy, health and security in Africa
| February 11, 2013
Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, launched his foundation called the "Obasanjo Foundation'', at the Grosvenor Hotel Park Lane in London,... (1) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    February 15, 2013
Bologna! Who is OBJ fooling? Obasanjo Foundation, my foot. How can you steal from the people at night and give or pretend to give some of it back at day? You may fool some people some of the time but you can't fool me any of the time. I am sick and tired of the so-called African leaders who make a fool of us and themselves.

These thief-by-night and philanthropist-by-day, idiotic and imbecilic African "leaders" think they can keep fooling the whole world. Everyone knows you stole from your people, thereby creating hardship for them. Now you want to help solve some or all the problems you created? That’s bull and you are not fooling anyone. People may not say it to your face but we all know you, OBJ, and others before or after you, are all rouges; so stop pretending.

We don’t need your Foundation, Mr. Obasanjo. Foundation, to Africans, does not mean the same thing to well-meaning people. Your Foundation will be dead, the moment you die.

All we need from you, if you can do it, is for you to return all the money you stole from us; then get Babangida to return his; then make other previous thieves to return theirs; and then stop Jonathan and the current gang of thieves to return theirs or stop stealing from us.

But knowing that I am asking for the impossible, forget you then. Just go and enjoy your loot; we don’t need your “smokescreen” Foundation. And there is no way you can “clean” your name, now that you are getting old; Foundation or no Foundation. It’s like killing the parents of a child and now you want to sponsor and/or help the child become something later in life. Is that supposed to make up for killing the child’s parents? What sense does that make?

My fellow Nigerians, we need to find a way to prevent our so-called leaders (I call them African “bleeders”, as opposed to African “leaders”, as they keep drawing our blood) from stealing from us. The laws are there but how to effectively implement them is the problem. What will a Foundation do for us when we can’t even make our laws work? Our judiciary must wake up. Na so our life be o.
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