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Soldiers kill four Nasarawa State University students who were protesting the lack of water and electricity in the university.
x | February 27, 2013
Four students of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Niger state have been shot dead while protesting the he lack of water and electricity in the university... (2) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    California, U.S.A.    March 05, 2013
Let's see what is going to come out of this investigation; NOTHING. Those lives are forever lost in vain. When it comes to unarmed civilians, our armed forces are very trigger-happy because they know there will be no armed response and they are safe. When these same police and army hear of armed robbers, they run like "tolotolo." Danburu Ba!

This readiness to kill without compunction is why I don’t propose that our people revolt against this government like in Tunisia, Egypt, or Syria, etc., as people will be slaughtered like chicken. The only way the people’s revolt can work is if they are well armed before starting any uproar. When our police or army forces shoot at you and they hear response shots coming back at them, they will take to their heels like “tolotolo” because they are cowards. All they know how to do is harass, intimidate, and kill.

Our best option is the “J.J. Rawlings” way, where a man who really loves our country; a man who will totally eliminate (I mean kill all of them or make them run away from the country and will never come back); a man who will not enrich himself by stealing money from us, and will also prevent others from stealing money from us, takes and maintains power for a very long time (about 20 years), until our people become conditioned to obeying and fearing the laws of the land.

Our people, both civilians and armed forces, have become much less compassionate. We don't seem to care much for human lives any more. We hear of civilians meting out justice to other civilians by burning or macheteing them to death, like in the case of the four students killed last year in Port-harcourt for alegedly stealing laptops/cell phones.

And this will continue as long as people get away with it due to lack of enforcement of our laws. Who killed Chief Bola Ige? Up till today, we still don't know, and it is annoying. Can someone tell me one thing that we do right in our country today? None; Nada; Zilch; Zero!

Our problem is that we are just lazybones, period. We just don’t want to do anything painstaking. That’s why our infrastructures are collapsing, and according to the words of the late Fela Kuti, “rere run.” Things only get done if someone else, e.g., oyinbo or Chinese or Indian, do them for us.

Wasn’t China a third-world country some short time ago when it used to be a very corrupt country? Look at what they are doing today. And they turned it around by seriously fighting corruption head-on.

There can be no progress in a nation where corruption continues to proliferate. Let’s start the fight. These greedy leaders are human beings like us; they can also die. We know they are not going to give corruption up until they are face-to-face with death. Fear is no option for us.
Now make peace    port harcourt, Nigeria    March 01, 2013
In time like this operation water for water would have help matters and not operation fire for water. What a mess!
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