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Council of State pardons Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, former governor of Bayelsa State who was convicted and jailed for corruption,
x | March 13, 2013
Nigeria's Council of State, has granted a state pardon to Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, a former governor of Bayelsa state, and some others including Major... (2) Comment



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Fdkezi    Delta state, Nigeria    March 24, 2013
He who laugh last laugh the best. Naija dey watch!! Yes, i think so.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A    March 14, 2013
Who says or thinks Goodluck Jonathan has a goal to fight corruption? Yeah! Right! "Dat one na Sapele Wayo, dodokido."

Fight corruption in Nigeria ke? You dey craze? You wan make dem come take me do ngwo-n-gwo. For dis corner, e dey there; for dat corner, e dey there. Na wetin you wan make I do? Sebi we all know say corruption dey for our DNA. Every bone in our bodies is corrupt. Na God go help us.

Show me anyone whose goal is to fight corruption in Nigeria and I'll show you a woman who can lay eggs to bear children. "E no possible, ko sese." Impossibilitilogicalization, baba!

We can talk the talk but we don't walk the walk. It's all bamboozlement. The day we start fighting corruption will be the day when Nigeria will start to progress.

Pardoning Alamieyeseigha? Wow! Nigeria\'s Council of State (NCS) could as well "let all the dogs out", show their spirit of forgiveness, fling open all the prison doors, and let all prisoners go home. Na wetin remain now?

Lord, I pray to thee - never let me come back to this world as a Nigerian. I'll rather serve a better purpose and be "ewu", whose head can be used to make the delicacy "isi ewu".

God, please send someone, the "J.J. Rawlings" for Nigeria, to deliver us from our own evil (corruption). Amen? Amen.
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