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US Embassy's tweets denounce pardon granted to Chief Alamieyeseigha; Nigeria's foreign ministry summons top U.S diplomat for a meeting
x | March 16, 2013
Two messages sent by the U.S. Embassyís Twitter account that criticized the pardon granted to Chief Alamieyeseigha, a former governor of Bayelsa state... (3) Comment



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Kayode Toronto    Toronto, Canada    April 06, 2013
Jonathan only promised Fresh Air and literally he promised what God has given. We all assumed the fresh Air meant a different thing but in reality it is no more than the fresh air God has given.
He did not promises not to steal or be corrupt. Next time we should be clear then these politician come with all these stupid statements
T Adam    London, UK    March 17, 2013
That Jonathan was deliberately selected for his weakness and diffidence by an extremely corrupt self-perpetuating cabal to allow their unfettered constant rape of the nation\'s common wealth is now quite obvious to the majority of Nigerians who were successfully deceived into voting for a fraud . It is the blatant display of the sheer shameless and disregard for common decorum his govt continues to exhibit in its impossible defence and encouragement of corruption that continues to set a new low.

It is painful to think that decent Nigerians may have to endure his lot till 2015.
OBJ    HOUSTON TEXAS, USA    March 16, 2013
The truth is bitter. It is only a blind man that cannot see the damage that the pardon has done. Remember President Jonathan's comment of few weeks ago; "Corruption is not the problem, it is our attitude". He has confirmed that statement and it gives impetus to leaders across the nation to steal as much as possible, and they will not be held accountable.

President Jonathan lacks integrity, and the longer he stays in the office, the worse off our nation becomes. He is on pace to become the worst leader of the republic. Something urgent needs to be done to terminate his presidency.

God save us from perpetual mediocrity.
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