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President Jonathan sets up Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North to engage Boko Haram in dialogue
x | April 18, 2013
President Goodluck Jonathan has set up a 26-man Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North to engage... (1) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    April 19, 2013
Sorry o, my people; I know say my blog most times, dey dey longer than the ‘tory’ itself. No be my fault ‘o jare’. The issues in Nigeria always dey scatter my brain. And you know say I be old man now, and my experience in life “boku” well-well (merci beaucoup). My “tory” beaucoup well-well and here goes:

Long time ago, someone, they said (I don’t know if it’s true or not), accused Chief Obafemi Awolowo that he (Awolowo) did not have “emi idarijin” - meaning, he did not have the heart for forgiveness. Then, they said (I don’t know if it’s true or not), that Chief Awolowo asked the accuser if he had admitted to have done something wrong in the first place. What is it to forgive when you did not wrong me? Or if you wronged me, and you know you did, did you ask for forgiveness and I did not forgive you? Or if you wronged me, and you know you did, and did not ask for forgiveness, how would you know if I forgave you or not? Don’t just go around and start to blackmail me that “I don’t have “emi idarijin”. Good retort, huh?

You know you could not pigeon-hole the Chief into a corner like that (he was just too smart for that) by using such a stereotypical clichĂ© to corner him so he could start to defend himself unnecessarily. If somebody walked up to you and says, “I forgive you”, won’t you ask, “what did I do?”, “forgive me for what?” or, jokingly, in Yoruba English, “for what for?”

Amnesty is about forgiving, isn’t it? Why are we, kind of, begging Boko Haram to accept amnesty? Boko Haram has not admitted to having done anything wrong, have they? They were just killing people they believe should not be alive in the first place, isn’t it? What is it to forgive then?

You don’t grant amnesty to murderers; you prosecute and jail them. This is a just a waste of everybody’s time. If you want to dialog with them, it means you actually know some of them or their leaders. What will this 26-man Presidential committee and the 17-man “unPresidential” committee be discussing with these murderers? Please, give me a break. We always look for the easiest way out and always end up not solving any problems, anyway. We need real solutions even if it means war. Boko Haram kills innocent people for no damn reason. Killing them back to stop their illegal acts is no crime. I will not negotiate or give amnesty to idiots like that. Let the chips fall where they may; let the sky or heavens fall on all of us; let’s see what the outcome will be and who will survive it; o ya now! I will not pamper murder.

All this forming of committees is a testament to inadequate law enforcement in our system or country. This is where the police should have come in to face these Boko Haram criminals and quell their acts. But do we have any real police? Hell no! How could you ask the criminal Police to take care of the criminal acts of other criminals? “E no possible now.”

Forming committees is a “patch-patch” solution that gets us nowhere and will not solve any Boko Haram problems. Boko Haram is a criminal organization created by their northern leaders who have stolen money from our government and now using the money to destabilize Nigeria as a protest to the current southern leadership. It’s their way or the highway. Enough of that “gbagbati” nonsense!

The solution is not negotiating with Boko Haram or creating committees; the solution is resolving the fundamental inadequacy of law enforcement. We must dismantle the current incorrigible police system and create a new system that will be formidable enough to tackle criminality in all aspects of it. For the time being, just use the military to “turenshi” these criminals and go after their sponsors.
There is nothing that has a beginning that doesn’t have an end. Boko Haram and their activities will come to an end someday, and it will not be on their own terms. Boko Haram and their Hausa northern leaders will be defeated and they shall go their own way with their dumb sharia, I promise.

Do your own religion, make I do my own; which one be the wahala wey dey there? If Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, make him remain for where him dey now, haba! Na by force? Nigeria is a country of strange bed fellows who need to go their own separate ways. Like Yoruba people will say, “make we divide the gari and make everybody carry him own.”

We should start treating the disease, not the symptoms. Which day black man go begin solve his own problem without white man intervention? Me, I know-know o. Na wa o!
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