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Issues of corruption in Nigeria have been over-amplified. ...We have been bringing down corruption - President Jonathan
x | April 24, 2013
Speaking at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during the Presidential Power Reform Transaction Signing Summit, President Goodluck Jonathan responded to... (2) Comment



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Sandra    Michigan, United States OF America    May 13, 2013
Mr. President, I am dealing with two individuals from your government right now, who claim to be honest people and who also claim they were trying to aide me in collecting funds that are supposedly in my name in Keystone Bank. The are Mrs. Nogzi Iweala, and Mr. Anyim Pius Anyim, who have done nothing more than help others exploit hard earned money from me through Mr. Ademola Adewale of Keystone.

Now two individuals have step forward claiming they lent money to this project. A Mr. Derek Gehl and a Mr. Samuel, who have laid claim to the funds, and the transfer of the funds, has been stopped by Mr. Anyim. These men stepped forward on there own accord, they were not asked by me, an American citizen to volunteer the money, but they took the funds they lent directly to Keystone, now I am being told by your government that unless I pay them back, the transfer will not go through.

I have told Mr. Anyim, that once the transfer has been made, then these men would be paid in full with interest. Because I a am a 66 year old single female with limited income, I have no way of paying these men prior to transfer.
I have promised, that I would sign any kind of document that your government demanded assuring you them and anyone else involved in this matter repayment of any funds that
they can show proof was paid to Keystone Bank in my name.

People all over the world know that when you promised President Barack Obama, full disclosure on the corruption and internet scams out of your country against Americans, you meant every word. The problem lies in your administration, just because you meant those words, your administration did not necessarily mean them.
I have dealt mostly with Mrs. Iweala, who apparently has individuals using her name, and credentials to scam persons like me. She started contacting me using a different email address than the original person claiming to be her.

This has become a nightmare to me, I have sacrifice much financially to pay all the fee's demanded of me, by first Keystone Bank, then Mr. Anyim, I have Western Union Receipts for all the money I have sent to Nigeria In the past 7 years, now I want action. If this has been nothing more than a scam from the beginning, I want investigation into this matter.

I have threatened to involve the FBI, no one takes me seriously. Recently I looked up
the National Intelligence of your country, I need this matter looked into, and resolved, since I can not accept what has happened to me under your governments watch.
If this has been a scam, then Nigeria needs to resolve it, because I forwarded to Mrs. Ngozi OKONJA Iweala, many emails that have been sent to me, with phone numbers etc.

I have been insulted by the person claiming to be Mr. Anyim Pius Anyim, because he thinks that I am the liar and thief, but I sit here with Western Union, and Money Gram receipts for the past 7 years. to prove my story as he calls it.

I need the help of someone in Authority, who is an honest person, which is you Mr. Jonathon GoodLuck, not a administration that does not care.
"Coming In From The Cold"    California, U.S.A.    April 25, 2013
Mr. President, what do you mean by over-amplified? Do you mean exaggerated or talked about too loud or too much? Corruption in Nigeria can never be exaggerated as it is unequaled anywhere else and getting worse. Gone are the days when government thieves used to steal 10% out of 100% and run away; now its 90% out of 100% and they donít even run anymore.

And we donít see the type of activities that one should see in a country that is really trying to fight or curtail corruption. Many suggestions have been made by well-meaning Nigerians at home or in the Diaspora, but we donít hear about or see anything being done. Our Congress is not discussing issues or passing any bills that should help solve these problems. The Judiciary is not convicting criminals who have committed serious crimes of corruption either.

When something bad is not going away or is becoming worse and a lot of lives are being affected negatively, we must continue to talk about it because itís hurting more and more and the pain is not subsiding.

Now we have social media and the internet which have made the world much smaller. Now, if you ďmessĒ for Abuja, Nigeria, we go don smell am for New York, U.S.A., before people for Kano or Lagos even smell am. This means more people can learn, hear, or read about it and then talk more about it. If you donít like that then stop stealing our money as it belongs to all of us and generations yet unborn.

You are talking about fertilizer and the power sector as if there is no corruption there, or that you did a wonderful job there. We are no fools.

I don't think God plans to save Nigeria, as it is worse than Sodom an Gomorrah. With this level of corruption, Nigeria must be brought down completely and then rebuilt.

Amen? Amen.
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