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"It is in the interest of Nigeria and the unity of our country that Jonathan should contest the 2015 elections" - Edwin Clark
x | May 21, 2013
Speaking at the third conference of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly, Chief Edwin Clark, a former Minister of Information, said that President... (5) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    July 04, 2013
I wonder what makes Mr. Jonathan the one who is transforming Nigeria. Just today is the news that Nigeria has been spending a part of $3.0 billion loan from China with a repayment period of 15 - 20 years. The $3.0 billion is a component of a larger loan portfolio totaling $7.9 billion.

It is on record that when Mr. Jonathan assumed office, our total external debt was less than $3.6 billion and domestic debt was less than $3.0 billion. The total of both was less than $7.0 billion. As at today, the external debt alone is higher than the $7.0 billion while domestic debt is over $3.0 billion. With further borrowing by Mr. Jonathan, Nigeria may be owing between $15.0 billion and $20.0 billion by May 2015 when he will vacate the office. Does that not show that Mr. Jonathan has returned Nigeria into another debt trap?

He is the worst president Nigeria ever had after Mr. Obasanjo. This is very unfortunate. God save Nigeria.
Bassey, Daniel Nse    UYO, NIGERIA    June 04, 2013
Txns Mr Clark 4 you support, you've spoken well. In my own opinion i guess we all are endowed the right to make a choice of is good for; what's there for the electorate to decide? Every1 has a gift of choosing between good and wrong @ the same some can even distinguish between true & false. All am saying is that we should give this man the chance to project this country into this transformation that He has already ignited,or haven't we seen the robost changes the country has in almost every sector.( "So lets think twice, if we don't move this country forward nobody will do it for us; forget about those Invaders (BH) JONATHAN IS A DESTINED MAN. Carry on my President come 2015.)
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    May 25, 2013
Mr. Edwin Clark was right to speak for Mr. Jonathan\'s second term. But he was wrong to ignore some of the fundamentals of the Nigerian Constitution regarding presidential election contest. One of such is that a president can only be sworn in twice not thrice. Mr. Jonathan has been sworn in twice.

He cannot be sworn in the third term as president. Another one is that the president has a maximum of eight years in office. Mr. Jonathan will have about six years by 2015. A second term would mean ten years far above the constitutional limit. The import is that a deliberate violation of Constitutional provisions is established if Mr. Jonathan should contest in 2015. Where Constitutional provisions are violated with impunity, peace may not have been given a chance to exist. Let another Ijaw, South-South, South-East, etc man contest in place of Mr. Jonathan if power is to remain in Southern Nigeria. God save Nigeria.
tony E    JHB, RSA    May 22, 2013
I completely agree that PRESIDENT Jonathan has the constitutional right to contest for a second term in office. I am not sure I understand what Mr Edwin Clark means by \
'turn' and how he determines whose turn it is. He has been curiously silent on the Igbos of the South East. It doesn\'t appear to me that they exist in his own Nigeria and I wonder what his take is on a president from that part of the country. In any case Nigerians must decide on who will occupy Aso Rock Villa come 2015.
Osato    Ibadan, Nigeria    May 21, 2013
No one is disputing the fact that GEJ has a right to contest in 2015. He has to be re- nominated by PDP, and face the electorate who would have to decide if he has done well.
If based on the very low standards of the Ijaws, he has done excellently well, other Nigerians just might say that the standard is too low for us.
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