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Presidency responds to Nuhu Ribadu's comments that Nigeria, under President Goodluck Jonathan, is a sinking ship
x | June 11, 2013
At a recent lecture in Kaduna, Nuhu Ribadu, the former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said that Nigeria, under President Goodluck... (6) Comment



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scorpion yusuff sakiru ayobami    oyo, nigeria    June 27, 2013
mr abati,you shouldn't have gone too far, remember that we are all Nigerians and we have freedom of speech accepted, try to talk to your boss, masses are suffering at the local level, they should do things accordingly, and remember that they are going to be judge by all mighty Allah in the day of judgement.

mr abbati should remember that the office isn't meant for live their going to leave one day. god we save us from our corruptible leaders. somebody stole gov.. handset sentenced by the judge and another one stole billions of naira without sentenced where are we going that is injustice
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 23, 2013
Mr. Abati might have over-reacted to Mr. Ribadu's inflamatory statement. There was no need for a political office holder in government to go that far. But all that Mr. Abati stated of Mr. Ribadu were facts not mere imaginations. Mr. Ribadu lacked the credibility to point any accusing fingers. We are still leaving with his double standard style of the war against corruption as EFCC chairman.

Trillions were spent on roads, power, etc without any result between 1999 and 2007. Many Nigerians wanted those involved prosecuted but never to be because Mr. Ribadu was insincere and unpatriotic in the anti-graft war. God save Nigeria.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    June 13, 2013
I don't care whatever anyone thinks, Nigeria under Jonathan is a sinking ship. If you don’t like that, then “go and knack your head for stone and quench”. The only thing Jonathan does is offer appeasing verbal solutions to conditions or problems but really does nothing about them. Jonathan is a bamboozler.

Look at Abati, the sycophant, sounding so wounded and acting like a courtier fawning on a king. Of course Abati is enjoying free money since he is now a building a house in Aja/Lekki area which you could not afford before. Abati has joined the Looters' Club of Nigeria and cannot be trusted to be as objective as he used to be; he is a fawner.

Ribadu just used the word 'tyranny' to describe Jonathan. Even if such word is not true to describe Jonathan, why subject Ribadu to such a barrage of abuse in response and defense? Mr. Abati, remember you only have a position today and it's not permanent. Don't put all your eggs in Mr. Jonathan's basket. You and Jonathan will be gone come 2015 because Jonathan will never be re-elected.

Jonathan will not even win his party's primary unless he "buys" it by dolling out a lot of stolen money to sycophants in the party. There has to be a lot of "mago-mago" within PDP for Jonathan to win the primary. Remember I told you so.

Mr. Abati, your response is arrogantly senseless. You sound as if you are God proclaiming what you don't know. And what you don’t know can hurt you so bad. Ibori can attest to that; never run roughshod on anyone. Even Jonathan never expected himself to be President of Nigeria but ugly fate made him so. How dare you, Abati, rule out Ribadu’s political success in the future? The fact that he contested before and didn’t win does not mean he can’t win at another time in the future. Abati, “you no be God-u eh.”

Now you call Ribadu a political prostitute, a hypocrite, a shameless man, an unprincipled attention-seeker with unattainable ambitions. Unattainable? Haba! Are you God? Abati, what’s wrong with you; are you mentally deranged because of money? You are just an adviser not a judge, so cool it now. Defend but don’t abuse, ok? Nna mba!

Stop that political posturing of yours, man! You are the one vituperating, Abati; and stop that crap. You seem to have your own axe to grind with Ribadu. Don’t be a moron.

Your response could have and should have been limited to the last two paragraph of this article without such ad hominem attack on the person of Mr. Ribadu. You went far and beyond your job as a special adviser. Or are you a special abuser? Your name is really Abati taking people to the Abattoir – ha-ha, LOL.
Usman    Port Harcourt, Nigeria    June 12, 2013
@obj houston. I dont like commenting on politics. Ur comment seem sincere but evince some level of ignorance. Have u gone thru the half tenure report of Mr President? What is in the report is what all can testify to. Before his administration what effort was made to improve electricity?

And what is the status now (In two years we have more than doubled our power productions, which is still steadily increasing). What about our decrepit rail system? Have u seen the current status, and do u see the significance of such? What effort has been made before now to diversify our economy into agriculture? Have u seen the recent contribution of agric to our GDP?

The fact is that there is a steady improvement and a solid groundwork for development is underway by this administration. If at all the ship seem to be sinking, it is in the eyes of those who are against change, and they are the perpetrators. I am sure you do not expect Mr president to be a magician.

True, the effect might not be generally felt for now, but you always have to plant, cultivate and nuture a perennial crop, and then wait for it to bear fruits. So also is a sustainable business.
OBJ    Houston, Texas, USA    June 12, 2013
I love dialogue, but with all due respect Mr. Usman; it will serve you better to concentrate on what you are familiar with. Leave political comments to those who understand what role a good government plays in a nation. I can see through you and your turtle vision, and understand Mr. Goodluck is from your neighbourhood. It should not preclude you from criticizing him for his poor leadership.

Mr. Ribadu is a private concerned citizen, and has every right to criticize his president as he sees fit. By the way, he was spot on. In addition, a good leader and his cabinet fight criticism by addressing all the issues of concern to the citizens and not verbal attack. Name one issue that Mr. Ribadu or I raised that is not consistent with the opinion of most Nigerians who are not from your neighbourhood.

Mr. Usman, what you claimed the Goodluck administration did in two plus years is obviously ultra-insignificance as no Nigerian noticed or felt the impact of it. While a thriving agriculture is needed, it should not be considered outstanding achievement of a federal government. What a good government does is make resources available to large scale farmers and let the private sector develop the food supply chain. Likewise the federal government should actively and aggressively address all the issues that I previously wrote. Attacking a citizen for his justified comment is bush.

May God save Nigeria from poor leadership?
OBJ    HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA    June 11, 2013
The truth is bitter. The aggressive and unrealistic response from Mr. Abati sums it up. Obviously he must be living in a cave, and has just seen day light and reacted violently to accurate assessment of the deplorable state of Nigeria under the sinking leadership of President Goodluck. Oops, Badluck.

Mr. Abati, can you tell us the advancements that have taken place since your boss became president? The nation still lacks power supply, corruption is at all time high, unrest has captivated Nigeria, the economy is definitely sinking, criminal activity has quadrupled, infrastructure is very deplorable, and the stealing of the treasury has hastened.

Mr. Abati, we want you and the president to respond aggressively as you did to Mr. Ribadu to the issues facing the nation. For instance, just in case you don't know since you just got of the cave to steer the sinking ship called Nigeria; the nation needs power supply, high quality highway system like the ones he sees when he visits other countries, strong response to criminal activities, strong response to corruption, strong response to activate positive economic growth, strong response to our sinking academic standards, strong response to build refineries in the country and end petroleum importation, and above all strong leadership by example. We are waiting for you sir.

While the leadership of Goodluck is not tyrant as stated by Rabadu, he is spot on about everything else. In addition, Mr. Rabadu would provide much better leadership than Goodluck has demonstrated thus far. EFCC was at its best when he was the leader. It was a highly respected and feared agency until he left. We need radical leader capable of making positive felt changes that will stop the bleeding and rescue the sinking ship called Nigeria. President Goodluck is bad for Nigeria and the longer he stays in office the worse off Nigeria becomes. The truth is bitter, swallow it and keep sinking the nation or spit it out and make positive felt changes that the nation has been yawning for forever.

God save Nigeria from poor leadership
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