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All Progressives Congress asks Governor Peter Obi to apologise for sensationalising the recent deportation of Igbos from Lagos state
x | August 05, 2013
Tensions over the recent deportation of some Anambra state indigenes from Lagos state continue to polarize parts of Nigeria with Governor Peter Obi of... (2) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    August 08, 2013
Will our generation ever know democracy in this country? Will our generation ever know what the Constitution symbolises and how its provisions should be sacrosanct? It is very unfortunate that the Lagos State Government is a part of the irrationality to violate the provisions of the Constitution.

No State Government has the right under any guise to deport any Nigerian from his place of residence to another location on account of his health, age, education, religion, sex, etc. The reasons adduced for the illegality meted to those involved cannot be justified on account that others have acted similarly.

But then do we have any Attorney General of the Federation and what has he done about this issue? Do we have the Nigeria Police Force that should rise to the occasion and protect the lives of ordinary Nigerians no matter their places of abode?

Do we have a truly national assembly legislating on
issues affecting Nigeria and her political unity? I doubt.
God save Nigeria.
J. O. Obasi    Ewing,     August 06, 2013
Sensationalising! Interesting. Fashola should do the apologising to the Nigerian people, mark my words, not the Anambra State or the Igbo's, by extension if you may.

How can you justify a SAN (Queen's Counsel) if you have forgotten, toying with individual rights and liberties? Call this act what you may, it is wrong and should be nipped in the bud. APC should be ware of how it gets into this cancer or its baby steps are doomed. Whether you know these poor folks better or not, there should have been other humane ways to treat the issue.

Numbers again has nothing to do with this behavior. One, fourteen or seventy is irrelevant. The principle and the constitutional implications are the burden. Folks you are drifting again. Come out with the truth before it rots and hunts again. Fashola in many of my blogs I have saved my votes for should he run, for the incredible transformation he has accorded his State and people. But on this one he is wrong. JO.
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