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We wish to advise President Jonathan to abandon his plan to seek re-election in 2015 - New PDP
x | September 25, 2013
The New Peoples Democratic Party, nPDP, a breakaway faction of PDP which includes former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and seven governors, has said that... (4) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    October 08, 2013
Mr. Jonathan cannot contest in 2015 because the Constitution remains sacrosanct. He cannot subvert the Constitution. The maximum term in office is 8 years. He cannot spend 10 years. Why did he choose to accept to complete the late Mr. Yar'Adua's term if he was not following the Constitution?

After all, nobody voted for him as president of the republic then but the Constitution provided for him a leverage. I may not know what is flowing in the pipeline that cannot come out within 6 years in office. How long did it take to complete the second world war with all the mobilisation, development of weapons, etc? Less than six years! How long did it take to construct the Channel Tunnel (now Euro Tunnel)? Less than six years. I may not know of any endeavour in life that cannot be realised within six years of good planning and execution. If Mr. Jonathan's vision cannot be implemented within six years, then his vision is irrelevant to Nigeria and Nigerians.

He has no business in Aso Rock come May 30, 2015. God save Nigeria
sheidu A abdulraheem    lagos, nigeria    October 08, 2013
President GEJ.has no physical projects to support his ambition of 2015, asuu strike,short fall of allocations, insecurity etc. Let Nigerians give another trial instead of failiours, the project that was not possible for the past four (4) years can not be done for that second tarm as he wish.
Mazi J. O. Obasi    Ewing NJ, USA.    September 29, 2013
Hoggwash! It is inconceivable that people who have seen first hand cummulative effects of sudden changes in our political history are still advocating for it. For all intent and purposes, this president has initiated a lot of things long term. The results are not showing yet because they are work-in-progress. If we stop the manufacturing engine now, the result will be to start from raw materials all over again.

We cannor judge this gentleman two full terms in office. History will then accurately detail if he failed or succeeded. He must run. The new PDP has been there all along. Enough of this internal squabbling.
Eze    Johannesburg, South Africa    September 25, 2013
It is really unfortunate that this happening in Nigeria. Please the new PDP shoul just go and form a new party of their own. As for President Jonathan, he has right to contest again. The fact that late Prsident Yaradua pass on in office is not Jonathan's fault. Should Jonathan contest and win in 2015; it means he was eletected twice to preside over Nigeria according to Nigerian consititution. The one and half year of Yaradua which he finished as acting president should not be use to use against him.
What this people did not know is that it was God that put Jonathan in power. Whether Jonathan has agreement with some section of the north, that is their problem because that agreement is not base on Nigeria consititution.
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