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I do not have a problem with the Igbos - Gov. Fashola gives an unreserved apology to Igbos over deportation of Igbo destitutes from Lagos
x | September 27, 2013
Speaking at the silver jubilee symposium of the Igbo socio-cultural think tank, Aka Ikenga, held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria... (1) Comment



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Mazi J. O. Obasi.    Ewing NJ, USA    September 29, 2013
Mr. Governor, The Igbo's have no problems with you neither, or with any group in the greater Nigerian definition so to speak. Your apology meritoriously is constrained. It should've been to Nigerians and not directed to the Igbos particularly. The negligence was of those individuals whose rights were specifically involved in the whole exercise.

If I am asked to say, I recommend the Lagos State Government write them letters regretting the blatant assault on their Constitutional gaurantees and that, in my judgement should have been enough.
Gov. Fashola, I don't think you realize your national political stature to be dragged into these belittling controversies. I happened to be in our dear country when you accosted a military man who violated a road detour at a construction site in Lagos and I said to myself, this man is remarkable. He is out there at the construction site. There were no sirens blaring and no columns of Security personnel adding to the traffic griddlock -- we have a winner; should he run for a national office, he has my vote.

Please, look around you. Select your aides carefully rigorously going forward unless your idea of transformation stops with Lagos. We are Nigerians first, tribes follow because we cannot burry our heads in the sand like Ostriches in that regard. Then the States of origin and eventually our persons if we want to be counted as patroits. Dissect issues before actions. That way your honest intentions must not be misconstrued by anarchists and well meaning citizens alike.

The argument of who owns Lagos in infantile. People from our African vilages have earned and owned property around the World. Do you think the domaining original people are fools to let them have such privilages? Not in your widest imagination! Modern issues in the world these days are like the proverbial African venemous snake in the night.

You have to approach attacking it with utmost care for you do not know whither direction the poisonous head is aimed. Property is property everywhere as far as the title is verifyable; you know that better than most people. You never know, these people that are being chastised and hounded accross the spectrum may be the citadels of survival the next time around. So, apologise to your countrymen and resume basking in their trust. JO.
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