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Boko Haram is temporary, Boko Haram will surely go - President Goodluck Jonathan
x | January 06, 2014
Speaking at the first Sunday Service of the year, President Goodluck Jonathan spoke about the Boko Haram insurgency and the impact their violent acts... (2) Comment



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Edwin Kiagbodo    Warri, Nigeria    January 10, 2014
My Dear Mr President, everything on earth is temporary. This includes your occupation of that office as well as your wealth. After all said, bring about a positive impact to the Country. Your occupation of that office is not about authority without responsibility.
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Accra, GHANA    January 09, 2014
These self-justifications for gross incompetence are themselves abnormalities and unbecoming of a serving president of a country. If Julius Berger cannot complete a six month contract on time and its execution takes over two years, does that not point to faulty planning on the part of government?

We may have to address some pertinent questions: How was the project conceived, in haste or normal condition? Who were the Consultants to the project, and how were they selected, by competitive bidding or political patronage? Was there a budget for the project, and when was it appropriated? Was the money appropriated enough to cover the cost of the project to completion? What was the phasing of disbursements to meet interim payments to the contractor, and how regularly were these payment certificates honoured? How has force majeure (work of nature such as earthquakes, floods, etc) affected the completion time? How has political crisis and holidays affected the project? How has variations (changes to original concept) affected the execution of the project?

And many more. Mr. Jonathan should tell Nigerians better things. All government efforts at curtailing Boko Haram insurgency have failed, and government cannot claim to have any clue.

That a building project would be poorly conceived at the presidency and used to justify request for patience is most annoying. I am really disturbed with this "one step forward, two steps backward". God save Nigeria.
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