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President Goodluck Jonathan signs bill outlawing gay marriage in Nigeria
x | January 14, 2014
President Goodluck Jonathan has signed the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) bill 2013 into law despite pressure from Western countries over gay rights... (4) Comment



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victor    jos, Nigeria    January 20, 2014
this step is great we need men for the right things not for they money. Nigeria has culture and Nice moral attitude.
gaga ekeh    buffalo, United States    January 14, 2014
Very good! Now if they could only sign into this same Law punishments for bribery taking in the National Assembly and punishment for corruption at Aso Rock, then Nigeria will finally be on the path to Vision 20-20!
(Yansh dey smell, im tell blokos say im fine... monkey no fine mama like am, naja!)
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Accra, GHANA    January 14, 2014
I do not know if Mr. Jonathan has sufficient duty to perform at Aso Rock that originating and signing the prohibition on same sex marriage comes as a priority. What would millions of Nigerians lose if 1,000 same sex marriages (i.e. a total of 2,000 Nigerians) exist in our midst? Nothing except to see them all as "sinner" who will never "go to heaven". However, if another 2,000 Nigerians loot N100 million each (I know that the present crop of politicians loot hundreds, not tens, of thousand Naira) a total of N200 billion is lost. That sum is enough to pay the N190 billion approx. over which the university lecturers went on strike for over five months. It is shameful that Mr. Jonathan has never gotten his priorities right since inception of office. This makes his desire for continuity beyond 2015 all the more distasteful and unconscionable. God save Nigeria.
Denis Chidi    Port harcourt, Nigeria    January 14, 2014
Its a right step in the right direction. they can go to hell with their aids. however, there's need to tackle possible occasions that lure our teenagers and youth into gay acts. for instance, schools for males or females alone should be sanitised.
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