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President Goodluck Jonathan is surrounded by people who are extremely incompetent
x | February 24, 2014
In an interview with the French news agency (AFP), recently suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said President... (2) Comment



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My two Kobo    Ontario, CA, US    February 27, 2014
"Coming In From The Cold", I totally agree with what you said except for asking for the return of the likes of Murtala Mohammed and J.J. Rawlings. First of all, it was the military in Nigeria that got us into this mess; the circle of corruption and they still have some influence in what is happening in Nigeria. Secondly, putting Murtala Mohammed on the same pedestal as J.J. Rawlings completely negates your argument. Go back and look at the histories of both men, you will find that while J.J Rawlings carried out a military coup and restore Ghana to democracy that they now enjoy, Murtala Mohammed, on the other hand had a horrific past that he were alive today and justice were to be served, the prison in the Hague would be his permanent address. Murtala Mohammed orchestrated the murder of hundred of defenseless children and men during the civil war. A person who cowardly murdered children as young as eleven years of age simply because they were of a different ethnic group or religion belief should not be a role model.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    February 26, 2014
Ok, Mr. Sanusi, thanks for revealing what we all already know. Why did it take your suspension to say what you are saying now? Jonathan is not only surrounded by people who are incompetent, we know he is very incompetent too.

Anyone who respects him or herself should not have to wait till he or she is suspended or sacked to the right thing. Because you waited, Mr. Sanusi, your statement comes across as incredible and vengeful. To me, you are dishonorable. You belong in the same clique as you are one of those surrounding Jonathan too.

Instead of saying what you are saying, why don't you resign your position to prove you are not one of those incompetent fools surrounding Jonathan.

Nigeria has never been ruled by competent or visionary people. All we've ever had are a bunch or gang of thieves, either in mufti or uniform, who continue to rob us blind.

What amazes me is that we have laws which we cannot implement or which some people live above. I still don't understand how a few people in government can take the masses for an unending long ride like this without solution.

Sorry to say, but this unending abuse by a few can only happen in a black nation. That's why no black nation can excel or has ever excelled in anything. Even if we get rid of one abuser, another abuser gets into power and continues the abuse. Why do laws work in oyinbo country and not in black country, I don't know?

Something has to be done; I can't accept this status quo any longer.

Seriously, the best solution (the least bloody) is the return of the Junta; the Murtala Mohammed or J.J. Rawlings type, to cleanse the madness in a jiffy and send them packing unceremoniously.

This milking problem has been ungoing for decades and getting worse and I am tired of it. The solution will not come normally. This is a "black" problem and a systematic or democratic or humane solution will not work; Ideology doesn't work here. You have to fight fire with fire.

Remember I told you so.
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