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Another bombing in Nigeria: Two bomb blasts kill and injure citizens in Jos
x | May 21, 2014
Two bomb blasts in Jos, Plateau state rocked the relative peace that has existed in the city for a few months now, killed citizens and left hundreds of... (1) Comment



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e. ness fellenz    Asbury Park, United States    May 22, 2014
Incalculable sympathy is had by millions around the world for the people of Nigeria. This senseless violence is as bad as it’s ever been in human history. Rape, riot, terror, vandalism, kidnapping, torture, thievery, child abuse, child rape, murder, child murder, robbery, arson, bombing, home and school invasion, mosque and church invasion, mayhem and destruction is what B’ Haram and its members and supporters are guilty of. They deserve swift and immediate capital punishment — without exception.

But of course they first have to be caught, and the mindset of Nigeria’s leaders, with much international support available to them, must be that the end of these crimes should be within days, not months nor years. For the poor folks from Chibok to Kano and Jos, and probably well beyond it seems, deserve immediate protection from these evil, evil villains. The bombings and murders and arsons and pillaging must stop, now. There can be no more excuses for surprise terrorist attacks on citizens. We know that there is a monster out there threatening even Nigeria’s children.

No one is reasonably safe. The people are entitled to professional service from their military, each member of which should feel and exude pride and confidence in their jobs and performances which is what is required to beat B’ Haram and other well financed and motivated terrorist groups. That requires mastering the trade of being a soldier by seriously and endlessly training. You can’t be a confident soldier if you and everyone else — especially the enemy — knows you’re not formidable. That’s what breeds confidence in each soldier and in the opinions of the citizens they’ve sworn to protect.

If that requires additional dollars for pay incentives and training and equipment, under tight, commonly used quartermaster logistical and accounting controls, then that expenditure has to be paid, the sacrifice made. For what is worst under the present climate is not doing enough to safeguard lives and property from murder, maiming and destruction, which would seem after a while into the continuing period of B Haram’ madness to make more money spent on the military pretty cost worthy.

This fight though also requires competency and integrity in the entire officers’ corp as well as up and down the chain of command, which attributes are just as important if not more so than money spent in pay and in training and operational resources. New oaths should be taken, and soul searching done by everyone as to the need and desire to see for once in Nigeria’s history all of the good people throughout the nation, from the cities to the towns, villages and bush, being fully committed as one to securing for themselves a future free from the divisive and brutishly destructive terror of those beasts and other beasts like them.

Nigeria is the diamond of Africa and a continental leader who should be esteemed and imitated. Because of Chibok and now Kano and elsewhere, the world is watching, the worst of which is expecting if not caring about your defeat.. Almost all though are with Nigeria. They know the struggles you have come through and are still navigating, such as religion and ethnicity, unity over which divisions will ultimately make you even more united and much stronger as one people and one nation. The honor owed your children, yourselves, your ancestors and Nigeria â€Â¦Ă˘€Â¦. Think about it.
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