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State governments must stop registering and deporting some non-indigenes from their states - FG
x | July 22, 2014
At a National Security Council meeting on Monday, the Federal Government of Nigeria ordered state governments, who have been registering and deporting... (1) Comment



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Ismail Danesi    London, United Kingdom    July 22, 2014
Mr President, do you want it spelt out to you? If you understand politics, is this not indicating to you that the States are on their way to being Independent without seceding?

Do you not get it the States are telling you they want Autonomy?

We fought and rebelled against the Colonial masters for the determination of our own Destiny. Collective of an elected body ( Parliament ) then came along and became the New Colonial Master, keeping other Regions ( now States) in "colonial bondage", replacing the old colonial master.

We have managed to build a united nation by living together in peace after the Biafran War. I lived through that period and sad to see how many lives were wasted because of trying to keep different peoples together as One ( echoes of the colonial struggle). Sad to see that nothing has been done to correct the situation since. The State governors are telling you to take the bull by the horns and declare Independence (Autonomy ) for the States to start the rebuilding of the nation.

Forget who has the oil or whatever. Let each State invite oil prospectors into their States to prospect for oil and other natural resources. Let them invite VW, Ford and all to come and open factories in their States to provide jobs for its natives.

Everything must not be Centralised. You can take a cue from the USA, Canada and Australia. We are different peoples living as one Nigerian. Same as I cannot understand a Togolese unless I speak the language, it is the same way I cannot understand an Hausa, Ibo or Yoruba unless we speak in English. That should tell you we are not ONE but can live as one, as long as you (Central Government) give the States their Freedom. We can then live in peace like they do in the USA, Canada and Australia! Or, there could be another Biafra or Kigali in Nigeria. Let us do it peacefully like the Scots and Brits are trying to do, the old colonial master will now offer Autonomy (Devo-Max, which is maximum devolution) to Scotland because the Scots will reject the Referendum for Independence. They will settle for Devo-Max, which in turn will be applied to Wales and Northern Ireland. We need to copy our old colonial master. My book, Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa by Gavin Bond, will explain the details. You can get it on Amazon.

Shine Your Eyes Mama Africa. Do the right thing. Introduce Autonomy for progress. Competition between the States will hasten our development like the old Self Government did before Independence! Long live Nigeria. We must not waste anymore time. Time for change and the State governors are letting you know indirectly!
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