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Academic Staff Union of Universities begins indefinite strike
| June 23, 2009
The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has ordered its members in federal and state universities nationwide to proceed on an indefinite strike over disagreements with the Federal Government's on an the agreement it reached with the union about two and a half years ago. The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria branch of the union will not join the strike and has university started its first semester examination with ASUU members as examiners. ASUU says the agreement deals with four main issues - adequate budgetary provision for education, improved condition of service to minimize brain drain, university autonomy and academic freedom - and said the Federal Government should be blamed for the strike because the government has been evasive over the agreement. The ASUU President said ''To arrive at an agreement well thought-out and having the potential of leaping Nigeria's education to a higher level is one thing, signing and implementing the agreement to achieve the desired goals is another matter,” ''The union has since seen through the gimmicks and will not fall for them any longer. Enough is enough. We have embarked on this strike because the situation had remained unchanged since the end of the two week warning strike on May 31, 2009." ''Our members have come to the conclusion that over two and half years of patience is enough. They feel betrayed, duped and do not want to suffer any more psychological or moral trauma'', Also, the Senate has asked the Federal Government to honour the agreement and asked ASUU not to embark on the strike.

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Asoobowa Samuel Ogunseye,Ogun State Nigeria    Ogun, Nigeria    June 30, 2009
ASUU please reach an agreement using dialogue like you have been doing. In all sincerity we appreciate the struggle you embarked on, it's not in your selfish interest but for the country to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with its contemporaries in the world at large.

But on behalf of all Nigerian Students, am pleading that you consider the negative multiplying effect this strike would have on the country,we are therefore begging you to look into it and call this strike off in the name of God and whatever is appealing to you.

As we have over stayed in school and as destinies are wasting in the cause of this time to time delay.
Thanks in anticipation.
Yours' faithfully,
Asoobowa Samuel O.
President, Association of Student Communicators,
Olabisi Onabanjo University'
Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.
sagir ibrahim    KANO, NIGERIA    June 23, 2009
ASUU please!!! it is boring to all students in Nigeria. ASUU and federal government should look after all those instability and irregularity of some university’s academic calendar. They should both care and help to restore educational stability.
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