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FBI warns renters of a new "Nigerian" scam that uses Craigslist
| July 23, 2009
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning homeowners and prospective renters to be wary of a new "Nigerian" scam that uses Craigslist, an online site. These posts are being done without the consent or knowledge of Craigslist. The warning issued by the FBI said that an unknown person is taking homes listed for sale on other public search sites and posting them on Craigslist, and saying that they are for rent and asking for up-front deposits The statement said âAfter the posting is listed, unsuspecting individuals contact the poster, who is Nigerian, for more information on the ârental. The Nigerian scammer will state that they had to leave the country very quickly to do missionary or contract work in Africa and were unable to rent their house before leaving, therefore they have to take care of this remotely.â The renter is then sent an application which asks for the first and last monthâs rent to be sent to them through Western Union and if they qualify, the keys to the house will be sent to them. By the time the victims learn that the home is actually for sale and owned by someone else, the money would have been sent to Nigeria and they canât get their money back. Anyone with a similar complaints can file with the FBI at the The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at

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Dumb, da-dumb dumb    chicago, USA    July 24, 2009
If you are still that naive to be had by a Nigerian scam- doesn't matter if it's craigslist,,, or any other free classifieds site you visit- you deserve to lose your house, money, integrity, girlfriend, and dog. Period
RF (Nigerian)    Minneapolis, USA    July 23, 2009
Anyone who is dumb enough to send money without meeting in person or even to look at the place up for rent or sale... deserves to be scammed!

Nigerian scams are infamous but these are simple common sense situations. People! Stop!! Think!!!
Shawn Mosch    ,     July 23, 2009
We have seen victims of the Renter/Roommate scams for the past couple of years at Scam Victims United. Scammers will use many ways to find their victims.

Just remember, if someone sends you a cashier's check, money order or travler's check and wants you to cash it and wire any portion of it on to someone, or back to them IT IS A SCAM!
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