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Nigerian develops cooling system for preserving perishable food without electricity
| August 03, 2009
A Nigerian teacher, Mohammed Bah Abba has invented a cooling system that can preserve perishable food in climates that lack sufficient water or rainfall. As a teacher, he is said to have been motivated by a concern for the rural poor and by a deep interest in using indigenous African technology to develop practical, local solutions to rural problems. His âpot-in-potâ cooling system is based on a simple physical principle that was even in use in ancient Egypt, and it is simple, affordable and made form local materials. A clay pot is filled with wet sand, which is kept moist.And a second smaller pot, is placed into the wet sand in the bigger pot, which is then covered with a damp cloth. As the water in the sand evaporates, it drops the temperature, and cools the inner pot. The invention is already having a significant impact in Nigerian villages and even frees young girls to attend school since they don't have to hawk food every day. It also increases family income and helps to reduce disease. Click here to learn more Mohammed Bah Abba

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