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Imagine that boy. How could he claim not to know me? - House of Rep member slaps security man
| September 11, 2009
A member of the House of Representatives is reported to have slapped a security man who was trying to establish his identity as he was entering the National Assembly premises. The member of the House is said to have been angered when the security asked that he should identify himself before entering the premises and then slapped the man. The member of the House reportedly said "Imagine that boy. How could he claim not to know me? Does his duty not include recognition of faces of members? He has just embarrassed me, and I wonât take it. This case will not end here. I will take it to any length, including the National Assembly Service Commission, where he would be disciplined."

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chrsit    leeds, uk    December 01, 2009
Please bring him to where the eyes of law will see him. Hope our police will do their job and put him where he will eat Iwa.
Clement O Esekheigbe    Lagos, Nigeria    October 26, 2009
Please, Nigerians would like to know the name of this "dis-honourable " member. Enough is enough of our secrecy or confidentiality of information in Nigeria.
Aham, California.USA    ,     September 15, 2009
First of all, I thank God for Ngex news crew, I appreciate you all.
My first request from you is please, by which ever means to let the authority in Nigeria mostly the IG, and the Attorney general to look into this matter with full investigation, and bring this dis- honorable Assembly man to justice.

This Royal Loyal security Officer is on and doing his justified job, Which this dishonorable Assembly abusive man should be proud of for doing his civic duty.
I am happy that the Assembly man has made his statement clear, that this matter will go any extent where the POOR security OFFICER will be disciplined. By saying so he thought the security officer is no man and has no man,

Thank God Almighty, For God of the Poor will really and for sure discipline the dis- honorable Assemble man. Amen.
In the Country of the BLIND one EYED man is the King.
I will like to read more from you, if not for any other thing just about this matter.
muyiwa adesanya. london    London, uk.    September 12, 2009
The house member should lose his job,suspended and then put on trial for assault, this people are silly, oppressing us, after stealing our money, the security guy should have slap him twice, shame you didnt realese his name .... idiot.
Emmy    Los Angeles, USA    September 12, 2009
I blamed the security man for not slapping the Congressman back. That House of Representative committed a battery. If it is in the developed country, he would have spent a night in jail.
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