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Nigerian man lands in jail for Ugwu soup ingredients that were mistaken for illegal drugs.
| March 25, 2010
A US. based Nigerian man taking spices, dried fish and vegetables used in making Ugwu soup, a popular soup of the Igbo people in Nigeria, to a relative in Mexico spent two days in jail in Tijuana, Mexico after Mexican authorities mistook the ingredients for khat, a popular but illegal stimulant from East Africa. The Nigerian, Okoronkwo Umeham, a U.S citizen, says he took the same ingredients to his relation in Tijuana last year and had no problems, but this time he was stopped and asked about the packages but he couldn't explain what they were since he doesn't speak Spanish. He was kept in jail for two days while the ingredients were tested and federal prosecutors in Tijuana said that they concluded that he was not carrying any illegal drugs and did not test positive for any illegal drugs.

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OKO MARK AKPA    Kaduna, Nigeria    September 28, 2010
This confirms the saying of Mr Rabit that anywhere that good food is found, death lives near by. Mr Ume did not know that the delicasy at hand was a thoroughfare to prison. Poor you Mr Ume! Ndo (sorry in igbo dialect).
Phillips    Lagos, Nigeria    June 18, 2010
Of course,the mexican authority shouldnt be blame, because nigeirians travelling overseas have diverse so many means in transporting illegal they have to be certain of the content of the package mr ume was carrying
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