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Nigerian man, claiming to be Jesus Christ, crashes car into parked plane at Calabar airport
| April 01, 2010
A Nigerian man, who claimed to be Jesus Christ, crashed a car into an Arik Air plane that was preparing to takeoff at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport in Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. The man drove the car, an Audi painted in the Cross river state taxi colours (blue with white stripes), through the gates at the airport and then drove into a Boeing 737 belonging to Arik Air. The driver was reported to have been carrying a bible and a cross and spoke in one of the native languages, which translated to âJesus is the redeemer. Everyone should repent and follow him because I will come back and complete the attack.â It's still not clear how the driver managed to get past security at the gates and a spokesman for Arik Air referred questions about security at the airport to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). A spokesperson for FAAN said that the security at the airport could not stop the driver because he crashed through the gate at a very high speed. While passengers on the flight say that they scrambled out of the plane after the pilot asked them to leave the plane, FAAN authorities claim that passengers were waiting to board the plane when the car crashed into it contrary to claims by the passengers. After the crash, security personnel at the airport arrested the driver and the bomb disposal unit combed the plane and the taxi for bombs.

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Sibo.    Fayetteville, USA    August 21, 2012
Too many sick people. What M, is he trying to perform?
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