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Another Nigerian man in the USA kills his wife - then kills himself
| August 20, 2010
Adding to the increasing incidents of Nigerian men in the USA killing their wives, a 64-year-old Nigerian professor, Chukwudubem Okafor, commited a âmurder-suicideâ when he shot his Jamaican wife, Cheryl, 37, and then turned the gun on himself. Their bodies were found inside his sister in-law's home in Reading, Pennsylvania where Prof. Okafor had arranged to meet with his wife who had left him a few days earlier. Police say they found a small handgun near the couple's bodies and that they had both suffered gunshot wounds. A police-spokesperson said, âA small-calibre handgun was found near the bodies. The investigation is closed and the manner of death of Mr. Okafor was ruled as a suicide and the death of his wife, a homicide; he shot her and then shot himself. The motive is that they had marital problems and this was domestic dispute,â In the last few years, there have been mutliple cases of Nigerian men killing their wives. Some recent incidents - - In July 2010, a Nigerian man living in Tampa, Florida, USA was accused of killing his wife after a fight broke out between them and he told the neighbours to call 911 because his wife was having heart attack but when the police arrived they discovered a baseball bat covered with the wife's blood - In 2008, a Nigerian man living in South Carolina, USA, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for stabbing his wife to death. - In 2008, another Nigerian man in the USA, called 911 and said, "I have killed the woman that mess my life up.... a woman that had destroyed me". He was charged with first-degree, premeditated murder. - In 2007, a Nigerian man in Garland, Texas, USA was arrested by police after he called to inform them of his wife's death from blunt-force trauma to the head.

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pok bn    jos, nigeria    August 27, 2010
signs of the end world, all should repent.
Tsahai    Bronx, New York    August 26, 2010
Coming In From the Cold.... I take my hat off to you.. you sound like a real Caribbean man I totally agree with your comments. We don't condone his actions because suicide don't solve anything. and if he loved his children the thought would never cross his mind. That was selfish because now those kids will have a hard life but as far as the treatment is concern you hit the nail on the head. It is like a horse penned up and when he break the stable door that's it. Your are right any man that get involve or marry a woman that young is looking down the barrel of a gun especially when he doesn't have a gold mine. The children are the ones that need prayers and lots of love.
You spoke with knowledge and experience. Keep up the positive comments.
Unknown    Allentown PA, USA    August 24, 2010
I know Prof. Okafor and his wife C. Okafor very well. This entire notion that the woman cheated on him is all nonsense. Please do not judge this woman. The woman suppose to be ordained as a Pastor in her church week before she was gunned down. The man is a not well. Has not been to Nigeria in the last 25 years and as I can recall, I knew them for almost 6 years. The man had no money, living from pay check to pay check. Just a little background. What happened is an unfortunate situation, so please refrain from judging this poor woman. In my own opinion the man does not love himself, like the popular saying âself-love may be the greatest and most important love you will ever give yourselfâ. They had 4 children and Prof. does not think about those children at all. Just pray for the children and I know you guys will stop this nonsense of the WOMAN CHEATED ON HIM. Even if that was the case, and so what, does that justify his action? I beg spare me that one....
O Ulasika,    Lagos, Nigeria    August 23, 2010
Shame on the last two bloggers. I do not want to join issues with men like you who think that women are perpetual slaves born to only attend to the needs of egoistical people like you.In the first place no one has the right to take the life of another no matter what. We live in a civilised world.

Even if a woman cheats on her husband does that give him the right to terminate her life? What about women who have to endure all sorts of abuse from their spouses and yet cannot do anything about it. Do u not think that such women should feel more driven to the wall.

Times are changing and changing real fast, don't be lost in your stone-age mentality typical NIGERIAN men
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    August 22, 2010
It is always a sad incident when life comes to an end, but it is even much more sadder when that end is tragic. This is tragic and we should pray for both Chukwudubem and Cheryl. Life is not supposed to end this way. May God grant them eternal rest.

No one has the right to take another person's life, except when you are defending your own life too. Dubem was not defending his own life, and his decision to take his wife's life and his, should be condemned. It is wrong to assume that the woman pushed him too far,. As far as I am concerned, suicide is cowardice.

Some men may have good reasons for marrying a much younger woman. The only reason that I can see as legitimate is if the man has not had any children and wants to have one or two or whatever number. Even so, don't go marry a woman young enough to be your grand daughter. Be reasonable about it, or else you will be asking for trouble.

You know you have overdone it when people keep referring to your wife as your daughter. And if you have to do so, my brother, don't bring her to America, England, or any oyinbo-man country. Keep her at home and visit her at home frequently or just move back home. If you have had children and/or don't need children, marry a woman not more than 5 years to 10 years max younger than you and enjoy a blissful life in your old age. Much younger women are trouble for you; leave trouble alone.

Our culture is different from the American or white man's cultures. Sorry to say this, but our culture allows men to abuse, subjugate, and violate women at will and without repercussions. We don't have much respect for women in that stone-age culture, and it is wrong. A man can just drive a woman away, even the mother of his children, at will and whim, and there is nothing the woman can do about it. That's total abuse after all the years the woman has put into the marriage. I will never allow anyone, man or woman, to disrespect my mother or wife.

Unfortunately, we don't see our culture as abusive and disrespectful to women, but it is. The world, Africa in particular, would be a better place if we give more respect to women. Believe it or not, women have played the most important role of making the world much more peaceful. This, I believe, but you think about it too.

In our women-degrading culture, women have been stomaching the treatment we give them for so long because they do not have recourse. When you bring them into a culture where, all of a sudden, they realize they have the freedom to stand up for their right, they go haywire on you. Rightfully so, too. And sometimes, they overdo it too.

The reason they overdo it sometimes is because they have had it bottled up all these years and also seeing their mothers go through the same treatment too. Now they can see and feel the protection and freedom the law gives them here, and voila! they start enforcing it, and the men start to see red.

I have seen some Nigerian men make their wives bring water in a container to them at the dining table to wash their hands in, before they eat their fufu, amala, eba or pounded yam. What? Why can't you move your lazy "bumper" to the sink to go wash your dirty hands? And after they are done eating, they want the woman to come clear the table and then do dishes too. Some men even forget that their wives also has just returned from her 9 to 5 work or from her 36-hour no break nursing schedule. Aren't men supposed to be stronger?

Some visiting in-laws even make matters worse. When a mother sees her son washing dishes or doing some other "woman's" work in the house, they wonder why, and start asking annoying or instigating questions. "Na man dey cook and clean house for America?" Mama, a beg, no cause trouble for me o; dis na America, no be Naija o.
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