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18 year old Nigerian gets three months in jail for stealing N517,000 ($3,400)
| December 21, 2010
An 18-year-old Nigerian male working at a food company in Abuja, Nigeria has been sentenced to three months in prison by an Abuja Magistrate court, for setting fire company's generator, to distract other employees, and then stealing N517,095 from the company. He was arraigned on the joint acts of mischief by fire and theft, which are offences contravening section 79, 336 and 289 of the penal code law. He had initially pleaded not guilty but later changed his plea to guilty. The prosecutor told the court that the 18-year-old, who was a cleaner, and a security man (currently at large) conspired to set the companyâs generator on fire and steal money that belonged to the company. The prosecutor said, âOn the 7th of December 2010, one Hamza Kabiru of Assorted Food Ltd, Aminu Kano Crecsent Wuse II Abuja came to Maitama Police Station and reported that you Thompson Faasama, a cleaner formed common intention together with one Obinna John, a security man of the same address voluntarily set fire to their generator to draw the attention of companyâs staff away. âAnd you entered cashierâs office and stole the sum of N517, 095, and you were eventually caught with the money in a black bagâ The magistrate convicted and sentenced him to three months imprisonment without an option of fine. His co-conspirator is stil at large. Related: - Cecilia Ibru, ex-CEO of Oceanic Bank, Nigeria, jailed for six months & to forfeit over N150 billion - Associate of Abacha, Nigeria's ex-head of state, jailed in Jersey for six years for $100m bribe - Two Abuja taxi drivers jailed (with option of fine) for trying to bribe Road Safety Corps Marshalls - Man jailed for 2 years for fraud and internet scams - $500,000 CBN draft found with him

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Peter olufolajimi    Lagos, Nigeria    March 03, 2011
What about those that are stealing billion, wha are we going to do for them
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