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At least 500 people killed in post election violence in northern Nigera last week.
| April 25, 2011
The Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, a Nigerian human rights group, has announced that at least 500 people were killed in post election violence that erupted in northern Nigeria after President Goodluck Jonathan was declared the winner of the presidential election. Supporters of Muhammadu Buhari , a northerner, who was defeated in the presidential elections attacked churches, homes and police stations and left a wake of destruction and death. Reprisal attacks by Christians further escalated the violence and so far, more than 65,000 people have been displaced. The Nigerian government is yet to release details of the violence, and the delay is probably to avoid inciting the environment just before gubernatorial elections scheduled for this week. However, police in Bauchi said that at least 11 Youth Corpers, who worked at polling stations in the state, were killed and other female poll workers were raped. The Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria said that most of the deaths occurred in Zonkwa, Kaduna state, where over 300 people were killed. The Nigeria Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Adamawa, Niger and Katsina states had the worst violence and NEMA is assisting over 21,000 displaced civilians in Kano and about 10,000 displaced civilians in Zaria. The NEMA Director said, "The intervention is continuing. We are not going to stop until we get this relief material across to all the victims that have been affected. We are doing everything possible in collaboration with the Nigerian army who have been very, very active and supportive in providing us with security cover," The NEMA director also spoke about Northeners in the south who have taken refuge in military barracks in the south, he said, "Especially in Anambra and Imo states, we have people from northern origin who, out of panic, on their own have decided to move to either military barracks or police barracks for safety for fear of reprisal attacks. Those people also we have been able to reach out to them and provide some kind of relief material to them. What we are trying to achieve is to make sure that peace is maintained and restored in all these places so that people can go back to their various houses and the continue with their normal lives," Gubernatorial elections in Kaduna and Bauchi states have been delayed "to allow for further cooling of tempers and for the security situation in those states to continue to improve" according to the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega.

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Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    April 26, 2011

The solution to Nigeria Violence. Nigeria the Most populous black nation in the world is the current Biblical Eqypt which the Jews called Niga or Niger(Acts 13:1)

The Niga is a cursed Serpent in the Garden of Eden which is called Satan of the world.
Jesus Christ took their nature as Serpent when his head was bruised by the Roman Soldiers who crucified him.(Matt 27:27-29)

Sun is that Serpent.To free Jesus Christ from being a slave to his slaves is the freedom of Nigeria and the entry of global peace. Islam which represents Sun is an army of freedom of Christ. As far as we kept Jesus Christ to be the High priest to continued ministering of his flesh and blood to Gods of the sacrifices of the mountains, we also should remain as slaves in the world with violence in and out of our lives.

Jesus Christ freed himself from slavery with Last Salvation which makes the anger and jealousy spirits of God to become fish and bread of life for us.(John 21;1-18)
For where there are no anger and jealousy spirits of God, there are no need for sacrifice of flesh and blood atonement.

Jesus Christ called Last Salvation the death of the Apostles(John 21:18)
When you are young you dressed yourself and go where you wants to go, but when you are old, you stretch your hands another person will dress you and takes you to go where you dont want to go.

Nigeria is Sun the Songai the Black world called the Niger and Islam. The Judah and God of all flesh. This is the reason Muslims are fighting the Christians and Jews to free all flesh from going to hell. it's also the reason the Muslims are facing the Sun when they are praying.Although the Muslims of today dont know these. They are the Wise men of the Arabians who brought gifts for Jesus Christ when he was born.

The anger and jealousy spirit of God were the old Seraphims of the Holiness of the old manner of God. Christ is all Lord and God. The Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Mother Grace The Most High God. My mysterious trip to Nigeria on April 4th to 18th as Christ 911 EMS and fire services to quench the fire of violence which would have creates war during the presidential election is from knowledge of Christ as Mother Grace of Peace. The foudation of Unified faith has been laid in Nigeria soon it will manfestated in physical world.

Thank you, and Welcome to New Nigeria of One Love of Unified faith both Christians, Muslims and others.
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