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Nigeria's Supreme Court dismisses Buhari's challenge to President Jonathan's election
| December 28, 2011
Supreme Court of Nigeria has dismissed Muhammadu Buhari's challenge of President Goodluck Jonathan's election victory in April. The court upheld the result of the election and rejected calls by Buhari's party, the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), for a recount of the votes. CPC and Muhammadu Buhari, its presidential candidate, had claimed that the April 2011 elections were marred with irregularities and massive rigging by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the CPC challenged President Jonathan's victory in court. The seven-man panel of the Supreme Court unanimously agreed that President Jonathan won the election and said that Buhari and the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC had failed to prove that the election was marred with irregularities or rigging. Justice Olufunmilayo Adekeye read the lead judgment saying "The judgment of the lower court is affirmed and consequently the third respondent won the election conducted on 16 April 2011"

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com.Adeniran Adewale    lagos, nigeria    January 08, 2012
Goodluck has finally turn to badluck because of fuel subsidy that affecting our nations,,,,,GLJ!!!remember that you are spoiling your families name and no anyone of your families will ever contest for any post in this nations again.........remember six feet
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    January 07, 2012
The sun shines on both the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, the sinner and the saint, etc. If the sun, an existence created by God, does not discriminate, how much more the creator?

Political or judiciary success are purely within the realm of human capability including all facets of manipulations inherent in the logics of law adopted in the contest. God is not a pencil or an eraser that can be used and abandoned at will. God is far removed from the comprehension of man. It may be appropriate to congratulate Mr. Jonathan on his success whilst appealing to Mr. Buhari to accept the verdict in good faith. After all, both Messrs Jonathan and Buhari are brothers within the federation called Nigeria. God save Nigeria.
Christian    Abak, Nigeria    December 31, 2011
That is the power of the Almighty and not that of him Johnathan .
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