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Boko Haram gives 3 day ultimatum for Christians to leave northern Nigeria
| January 02, 2012
Boko Haram, the islamist group operating in Northern Nigeria, has issued an ultimatum to southerners living in the northern part of Nigeria to move away. A spokesman for Boko Haram said, âWe find it pertinent to state that soldiers will only kill innocent Muslims in the local government areas where the state of emergency was declared. We would confront them squarely to protect our brothers.â âWe also wish to call on our fellow Muslims to come back to the north because we have evidence that they would be attacked. We are also giving a three-day ultimatum to the southerners living in the northern part of Nigeria to move away.â He also also criticised President Goodluck Jonathan over his visit to a Catholic church in Madalla, Niger that was bombed on Christmas day saying, âThe President had never visited any of the places where Muslims were massacredâ. The explosion at the church killed 44 people. President Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in parts of Borno , Yobe , Plateau and Niger states. Boko Haram has been blamed for multiple attacks in northern Nigeria but its structure remains unclear and different people have claimed to speak on its behalf in the past.

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Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    January 04, 2012
The Reason President JFK is the testimony of the end of old world of men. JFK took Americans to moon which was declaration of the end. On his return not long he was killed 1963. The testimony of his mission was declared in Nigeria by Late Surdurana of Sokoto when he declared that Islam shall rule from desert to the sea.

Which took his life with coup of Five Majors of Ex Students of St John's College Kaduna on Jan 15, 1966.
The coup led to killings of Ndigbo in the North. The Killings of Ndigbo reached to the death of General Ironsi and top Ibo officers. The killings extended to Lagos which made Gen Ojukwu to recalled all Ndigbo back to East. The recalling of Ndigbo led to failed Aburi Accord. The failed Aburi Acoord led to preparation of East for declaration of Biafra.

Which forced Gen Gowon to created the first twelve States in Nigeria. The creation of States give birth to creation six Political zones. Which gave birth to President Johnathan of today. Coming of President Johnathan established the truth of the rule of Islam from Deasert to Sea. Now I have given you all your own inheritance as Joshua shared the land for Israelites. Which State is for Christ as Mother Grace of Islam, Christians, Judaism, Hinduism, Budahism, Governments, Traditions and Custom and all universe?

That Mother who raised Sun for you as Light of the world.Read the Songs of Solomon (1:1-6) President Johnathan 2015 for Mama of Nigeria who has the testimony in her as the Mother of the Seven Month born on Oct 1, 1966. She has the testimony of Mara the Water of Death of men that covered the face of the Earth before coming of light on seventh month who gave birth to universe. Mara is Islam.

Water of death changed by Moses with Christ as Tree of life he threw into the water and it became the sweet water of life. Osama Bin Laden of Islam was threw into the sea as part of this testimony.
CIBI Ike    Trenton, New Jersey, USA    January 03, 2012
The "Foxes" in the North comprising: The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), The Jama'atu Nasril Islam (JNI) and a host of other Northern Nigeria Moslem groups are answerable for the losses of innocent Christian lives they master minded secretly and executed by their âdisposable idiots.â

Look No Further Folks, The Northern Nigeria Moslems of all stripes shape and height are to be held responsible both for the heinous, barbaric murder of none Moslems and their latest threats to ask the non-Moslems to vacate the North. It is shameful the hatred these Moslem âfoxesâ in the North and their Middle Eastern and Sudanese brethren have towards their fellow Moslems that they would strap them with dynamites to kill themselves in the false promise of rewards in Hell of Allahâs Virgins.

The suicide bombers are considered by their Moslem Lords less in value than toilet papers. The unfortunate thing about it is the victims are people of lower class; the âAllahmajireesâ who are often deceived by the elitist members. The Alhaji to these âdisposable idiotsâ are convinced to die for the mirage of unseen Virgins in the life beyond. Meanwhile neither the Virgins here on earth nor the good things of life are to these âdisposablesâ reach. Has anyone heard or seen any prominent Northern Nigerian Moslem or their children go on a suicide bombing mission? Does anyone believe the Buharis, DanGotes, Dantatas, Imams Scholars, journalists, Professors, Governors would let their âdisposablesâ the hero status they purport these murderers get if there were any truth to their being rewarded with Virgins?

How is it that with such lofty rewards none of these âelitistâ groups had volunteered to strap themselves or send their children on suicide mission with the hope of being rewarded by Allah with several Virgins? These âBoko Harams and/or the Islamic Fundamentalists are stooges for the Northern Moslems and the Christians living in the North should know this.

â3 Days Ultimatum given to the resident Christians in the North to leave the Northâ

There is a declaration of war by the Northern Moslems against anyone which by the way includes those of Northern origins who are not Moslems. The Commander-of-the-Armed- Forces; President J. A. Goodluck should burn the midnight lanterns with the Heads of the various forces and deploy mainly members of the Armed Forces without any string to the North and not sympathetic to the murderous brand of Northern Moslems. Christians are law abiding citizens and do not seek wars from anyone the Federal Government should protect them with all their might and impose curfew and it would be proper to convey to the Northern Lords that they better get their people under wrap or risk war. The Christians should exercise caution and remain vigilant. Be Prayerful and be not afraid. This is one of those wars that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel will show Himself.
enny Austria.    Vienna, Austria    January 02, 2012
To hell with Boko Haram, Boko haram is an organisation of illiterates, people who could not read and write. An organisation formed by Societial dropouts, fools who refused to embrace civilisation , Idiots who prefferd to leave with hyenas in the bush than with human beings in the cities.
They have no justifable reasons for their protests rather some mischevious touts amongst the Northern section of Nigeria wants to use to thwart the freedom in Nigeria.

F**k you, Boko Haram, The innocency of this nation as regards terrorism will arrest you. Good , we are going to take the Bull by its Horn. Nigeria is not Sudan, somalia, or any of those mushroom nation where you can perform your activities perfectly. Let's see who will lay down his arms, Boko Haram or Nigeria , definitely I know the fools From Boko Haram will.

Finally, Nigeria has a formidable Armed forces, one of the Best in Africa, I bet with you that in the next few weeks , your activities will be a thing of past.
To Hell with Boko Haram, no matter where your sponsors are hiding very soon they will be exposed or else the same rain that's falling in yemen and so sn will rain on you.
John Babatunde    Lagos, Nigeria    January 02, 2012
It's high time the Southerners left the troubled North for their safety. I hold the opinion that Nigeria is at the brinks of collapse.
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