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Senior oil & gas expatriate executives in Nigeria make about half a million dollars a year - Report
| March 20, 2012
A research report by Curzon Partnership recruitment consultants, in the U, recently showed that a typical oil and gas expatriate executive in Nigeria makes about half a million dollars (N71 million) a year. The report showed that Nigeria offers expatriates in the oil and gas industry the highest pay for working abroad. The expatriates typically receive a supplementary country premium of about 45 percent of base pay which takes the total average salary to about $454,400 a year. The pay for expatriate executives contrasts with the situation in Nigeria where about 70 percent of Nigerians currently live below the poverty line and the minimum wage is N18,000 per month (N216,000 per year). The research also found that executives working in Libya or Iraq, which people would expect to have a higher premium because of recent violence, can expect a total salary of about $354,900 (N56 million) and stated that oil and gas workers from developed nations working in Nigeria are paid well because of local skills shortages and big cultural differences. A partner at the research firm said, "Whilst Lagos is an exciting and well established place to work for expats, oil & gas companies recognise that the incentives have to be high, because life as an expat in Nigeria is so different from countries with broader industries and higher standards of living."

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    March 20, 2012
Good report on a skewed distribution of resources. But pity the poor Nigerians who have become helpless under the system. At N71 million ($454,500) per annum, the said senior staff's pay is equivalent to the pay of about 375 labour on N18,000 minimum wage. Yet there are those who earn N12,000 in some private establishments. Yet there are millions without employment! This skewed distribution does not start today.

In 1995, the highest paid Nigerian Engineer on the employment of Reid Crowther International earned less than N15,000 per month. Yet a fourth year undergraduate engineering student from Canada on Industrial Attachment was receiving N10,000 weekend allowance. At UTC Water & Power Engineering in 2002, the monthly pay package of Mr. Chebib, an expatriate, was equivalent to the combined pay of all Nigerian staff in the same department. The list is endless. In the case of Reid Crowther International, their hands were tied by Nigerians who employed them - the Lagos State Water Corporation.

The Management of the Corporation were said to be strongly opposed to the consultants desire to improve the pay package. Who knows whether other Nigerians who engage the services of the said oil and gas expatriates are behaving true to type? God save Nigeria.
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