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Nigerian woman swallows 180 pellets (2kg) of heroin, breaks record for swallowing heroin
| March 23, 2012
A Nigerian woman was arrested at Washington Dulles International Airport, USA after 180 thumb sized pellets, over 2kg, were found in in her stomach. US customs officers say this is the largest amount they have seen anyone swallow. A U.S customs spokesman said "We have seen larger smuggling attempts, but usually concealed inside suitcases, commercial goods or by other concealment methods. This is the largest, in pellet count and weight, by a swallower." The Nigerian woman was questioned after she arrived from Nigeria on March 14, and U.S Customs got suspicious when she said she was to stay with her brother in the United States but was unable to provide his address, phone number or a physical description. She was then subjected to further questioning and while an officer was patting her down, her stomach was found to be hard. She was taken to a hospital, for an X-ray, and a large amount of foreign objects were found in her stomach. She passed 180 thumb sized pellets of heroin, over three days, which weighed about 2 kilograms. The total value of the heroin is estimated at about $150,000. A US government official said, "The amount of pellets and heroin this woman ingested is incredible, a serious health risk, and very troubling if these numbers become the new normal. We're hopeful that this arrest sends a strong signal that CBP officers are proving to be successful at detecting internal concealment methods, and that we remain committed to working with our law enforcement partners and intercepting this deadly poison before it can reach our communities." The 180 pellets she swallowed beats the previous record for swallowed pellets, held by another Nigerian, who was arrested last year after passing out 100 pellets of heroin weighing about 1.8kg.

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confidence    Portharcourt, Nigeria    April 16, 2012
when are we going to represent our country in a good manner? please lets change.
herkinmboni ellen    ondo, nigeria    April 07, 2012
Nigerians when are we going to learn how to stop dragging the image of this country in the mud. Women pls behave urselfs, dis is bad
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