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Church service at Bayero University, Nigeria attacked by gunmen - 15 people killed
| April 30, 2012
Three days after media houses in Abuja and Kaduna State, Nigeria were bombed by Boko Haram, Christian worshippers were attacked during sunday service at Bayero University, Kano. Witnesses say that at about 8.30a.m they heard gun shots and then a loud explosion. People ran for cover and in a few minutes, everywhere was calm but about 15 people had been killed. One victim said, âInitially, it was mistaken by some of us for a burst tyre. Until it became sporadic, it dawned on us that it was a gun attack and at that point, there was stampede as everyone scampered to safety.â The victims also said that reports of a bomb attack were false since she saw the gunmen who opened fire on the worshipers. Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, most people suspect that Boko Harm , the radical islamic sect that has been responsible for bombings and other violence in Northern Nigeria, is responsible. Two professors at Bayero University, Kano state â Jerome Ayodele of the Chemistry Department and Andrew Leo Ogbonyomi of the Library Department - and 13 other people, including students, were killed in the attacks. A woman who was present at the service for her child's dedication was also killed in the attack. A source said that her child was picked up at the university gate after the incident saying, âToday was her childâs dedication. She went with the baby, but never came backâ. About 16 other people are believed to have also been injured. A spokesman for Kano police said that about seven people died and that the injured were taken to the Aminu Kano Teaching hospital (AKTH), however, a spokesman for the Nigerian Red Cross, said that checks with local hospitals and mortuaries showed that at least 15 people were killed. After the attack, the university and surrounding streets were cordoned off by police and soldiers. The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kano State spoke about the incident and prayed for the souls of the deceased and said, âWe are very disappointed that this kind of barbaric and murderous act is visited on innocent students and their lecturers of Bayero University, Kano, who obviously came from different parts of Nigeria to work or to study in the school. We totally condemn this kind of senseless and selective attack." âThe mystery of this to us, as a family, is why the attack on our churches? Why we?â This is highly inhuman and retrogressive actionâ Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, of Kano state , also visited the scene and said that the Kano state government has made arrangements with public and private hospitals to ensure that victims get adequate medical care and the government will take care of their medical bills.

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"Coming In From The Cold"    California, USA    May 01, 2012
Action speaks louder than voice, they say. All this grammar by people, governors, etc., condemning the acts of these barbarians called Boko Haram (BH) without appropriate action, will not solve the problem. Murdering innocent citizens in cold blood because they practice a religion different from yours, is unacceptable. Let all hell break loose if thatâs all it will take to stop this nonsense.

Let me invoke some science here â Newtonâs first law of motion states that âevery object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.â To analogize, Boko Haram (BH) is in a state of aggression and will remain in that state of aggression unless an external force (or a counterforce) is applied to or against BH. Sometimes you even have to bring that aggression to their doorstep to stop it. Stop praying or talking about it; the countermeasure is to use counterforce to counteract them. Thatâs the only language these fools will understand. And âdem be real fools because sense no dey for their âoblongata and konkobilityâ - oyinbo repete.â

Newtonâs third law states that, âfor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.â If they can do it, we can do it too. Sebi oyinbo wey make pencil, na im make eraser, ah! ah!. Saber rattling or showing saber tooth wonât do it. You not only bark, you must bite too.

These rampaging BH members are limited in number. So, you need to fight back to decimate them. Allowing them to come to your homes or churches to hurt, kill and maim you, and then allow them to escape unscathed is weak-kneed and counterproductive. How many of your people will you have to bury before enough is enough.

Forget the crocodile tears from BH secret leaders who sponsor them and give them arms to carry out these dastardly acts; forget the police who will not get there until the dust has settled and these âanimalsâ have escaped ; forget Jonathan who is afraid to act swiftly and decisively against these northerners but would send the military to the street of Lagos for non-violent demonstrations; forget your useless leaders whose families are not or will not be affected and will not get hurt; forget the soothing words they offer you and asking you to be calm and pray instead of providing protection that you need; forget all the bullshit.

These BH nonentities are terrorists. The solution is to go after them too if law enforcement cannot do it. Push me, I push you, God no go vex now.
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