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University of Lagos, Nigeria renamed Moshood Abiola University. Students protest the renaming
| May 29, 2012
The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is to be renamed Moshood Abiola University in honour of late Chief M.K.O. Abiola, for his huge sacrifice in Nigeria's transition to democracy. Chief Moshood Abiola was a popular businessman who is believed to be the winner of the 1993 presidential elections that were annulled by General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd). Abiola was then jailed by Gen. Sani Abacha, Gen. Babangidaâs successor, and died while in detention in 1998. In a national broadcast, President Goodluck Jonathan said that the renaming of the University of Lagos was in commemoration of Democracy Day and in honour of Abiola who paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of justice, peace and democracy for Nigeria . President Goodluck Jonathan said, `It is also in this regard that the Federal Government has decided that late Chief M.K.O. Abiola be honoured for making the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of justice and truth.Destiny and circumstances conspired to place upon his shoulder a historic burden and he rose to the occasion in character and courage. He deseves recognition for his martyrdom and public spiritedness and for being the man of history that he was. We need in our land more men and women who will stand up to defend their belief and whose example will further enrich our democracy." "After very careful consideration and in honour of Chief M.K.O. Abiolaâs accomplishment and heroism, on this Democracy Day, the University of Lagos is renamed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos. The Federal Government will establish an Institution of Democratic Studies in governance in the university." Meanwhile, after the announcemt, students of the University of Lagos embarked on a protest against the renaming of the university. The students are reported to have marched out of their hostels and moved round the school singing protests songs and carrying placards with inscribed with things like, "Reverse or Resign", "UNILAG cannot be called MAU", etc The president also announced that a Presidential Museum will be constructed in Abuja, to mark 100 years of existence of the nation by 2014, and will document the life of past Presidents and Heads of state of Nigeria since 1960.

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"The views and opinions expressed in these comment(s) or article(s) do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of NGEX, its partners or its affiliates."
eni    CHICAGO, USA    June 11, 2012
One word for GEJ " impeachment ". IT'S TIME TO IMPEACH HIM, REALLY.
Sly Obi,    Arlington, United States of Ameria    June 02, 2012
The coward Nigerians gave mandate for the sake of Nigeria at the time there was no competitor in Nigeria election except âTo Sufferâ (whatever his name is â Tofar). The Wives snatcher whose iniquities Nigerian Market Women ignored just to make money out his rice and cast their votes for him. Let those whose wives are beautiful speak out!

The land seeker who used his influence and ill-gotten ITT wealth to deprive churches from owning a site, yet all Christians voted for him for sake of peace. If these are the qualifications for naming State University after MKO, decision makers had better think twice, because the consequences of the agonies he brought upon families has not finished with his soul yet.

Some people have mistaken his death as a sacrifice of life to Nigeria. Alas they forgot that the wages of sin is death â the ultimate reward for his double dealings.
Kabowei Sekibo    Warri, Nigeria    May 31, 2012
There is no way GEJ will reverse the renaming. People do not understand the strong head of an Ijaw man.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, USA    May 30, 2012
First, I'd like to know if the Executive office did this nonsense unilaterally or if it went through Congress. If it did not go through Congress, this is tantamount to abuse of power. But who am I kidding? Separation of power has no meaning in our own system of democracy. Sebi na "Oga" talk so; it must come to pass.

I'd like to see him rename Ahmadu Bello University to Babangida University or Buhari University or rename University of Science & Technology in Portharcourt to Adaka Boro University. Of course, Jonathan would not cross swords with the north. He only wants to exert his power in Yoruba land. Don't forget who put you there o, Jonathan.

I was initially happy that someone else, other than a Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa, became the President of Nigeria and so I rooted for Jonathan. Jonathan has not impressed me at all and has not impressed a lot of Nigerians either. This man Jonathan has no clue about leadership or anything at all, and doesn't know what democracy is all about.

Just because UniLag is a Federal university does not mean the Federal government has unilateral power to change its name without considering the aspirations of the people where the university is located. The people of Lagos have a say in this; the present and former students of the university have a say in this; the Oba of Lagos has a say in this; the state of Lagos has a say in this. And of course, the federal congress has a say too.

What did Moshood Abiola do for his people in Yoruba land or Nigeria at large? Abiola, a martyr? Pu-lease! Abiola was just a man who dined with the devil in the person of Babangida and the north as a whole, but forgot to use a long spoon - dum-dum! He thought being a muslim was good enough, "ope", "mumu".

Abiola, a martyr? Common, Jonathan! The man was not even smart. Abiola was a coward. He first ran away rather than confront Abacha; then he came back, sat on the fence, and became a lame duck and a sitting duck, all at the same time. How dumb can you be?

This is unacceptable; reverse this decision now or it will be reverted later after you leave office, Jonathan; nonsense!

Who wants to graduate from MAU MAU University? I beg, comot road make I pass.
anynonimous    Ibadan, Nigeria    May 30, 2012
is dat d next tin 2 do.? Wel i dnt blame dat guy cald Jonathan coz he got 2 dat position by chance. Hez a circumstance president. I tot he wil b more reasonable neva knw we waz a sly.
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