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Let the South South vote for Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 and let us see if he would win - Buhari
| September 11, 2012
General Muhammadu Buhari, an ex-head of state and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change, reacted to the news of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s adoption by some South-South leaders. Speaking at his residence in Kaduna, Gen. Buhari said, “I don’t take the decision of South-south leaders seriously. The South-South people said it is Jonathan or nothing; I know they are members of the Peoples Democratic Party, let them vote for him in a free and fair election; let us see if they can give him the ticket against other geo-political zones. Let them give him the primary ticket first. Let them vote for him when 2015 comes and let us see if he would win.” He also spoke about the elite in Nigeria and their non-participation in general elections, and asked them to participate in the 2015 election to ensure that the elections are free and fair. He said, “It is also up to the elite to participate and ensure that elections are free and fair. It is not necessary for them to be card-carrying members of political parties. They know how to participate; they should not sit and look. They can go to their constituencies to identify and enlighten their people on the need to entrench free and fair election to stabilise the country.” Gen. Buhari also spoke about the lack of prosecution of the individuals indicted in fraud schemes such as the pension, subsidy and other scandals that have surfaced recently. He said, "it is only in Nigeria that people who worked for 10 to 35 years are retired and many of them die in queues while trying to collect their entitlements that have been stolen by some serving and retired government officials. “Why are those officials not prosecuted to retrieve the stolen money? It is only in Nigeria that fraud of these magnitudes takes place and this incompetent government is doing nothing about it.”

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Nkweke, E.    Port harcourt, Nigeria    September 14, 2012
Buhari, i appreciate your love and desire to govern Nigerians again, i will most appreciate it, if you know that it will not be made possible by whipping sentiment over every issue of national discuss, that the south-south is drumming support GEJ is not bad, reason being that you must be accepted in your home before outsiders. ethnicity or religion will not give you the president you so desire, let your northerners accept you first and then present you to Nigerian, whether party or not because the electorate is not only party politicians.

I accept there is embezzlement in these areas you mentioned, unlike the military where brutality and force is used, civilians use rule of law, wait, i assure you after due lawful process, prosecution is an inevitable end. I salute your courage and determination to deal with corrupt persons but in doing that ,the way and manner maybe wrong. I will strongly advice you to be choosy about comments you will react to, some are not worth it for a man in your caliber.
Oga    Abuja, Nigeria    September 13, 2012
Must u rule nigeria by force? We say we dont want u again pls know it n relax ursef
Akinola Deji    Abeokuta, Nigeria    September 13, 2012
What Buhari is saying is correct. If all South -South should vote for GEJ, and all other parts do not vote for him, then he cannot be President. I have mentioned this to a lot of my Ijaw friends. Even then, how many of his people are still in full support of him. It is easy to sit a comfy chair abroad and be misinformed.
K.O    Vienna, Austria    September 12, 2012
Hey Mr Buhari, it's time you close your Big mouth," You want to rule Nigeria when you can not address those Menaces in your domain(kaduna) the so called Death Zone .you better take care about those problems in the North before contemplating to rule Nigeria again. we want pure democracy and not transformed military administration. go back to your cave and allow civilized Nigerians to man the affairs of this nation.

It doesn't count much where the next president comes from, sorry, people like you are no more ripe and productive to rule this natio again , name your achievements during your era as military Head of State and we will know where to classify you. Relax and allow modernisations to crop in, Nigerian don't need you anymore to run their affairs, respect yourself and behave like a gentleman. Kudos to IBB, this guy is a dude , he has relaxed , We expect same from you . Thanks
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