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Homosexual man sentenced to three months in prison in Nigeria for having sex with a friend's brother
| September 20, 2012
A Nigerian man has been sentenced to three months in prison without an option of fine, after he admitted to having sex with another man. Homosexuality is illegal under Nigerian law, as a crime of "unnatural offence" which has been on the books in Nigeria's criminal code since independence. The crime of "unnatural offence" includes homosexual sex, sex with animals, and some heterosexual acts. The prosecutor said that the man had sex with a friend's brother and was arrested after the friend's brother reported the matter to the police. The man who is reported to have acted in a few Nigerian movies initially denied the charge but when the case came up in court he changed his plea to guilty. A police prosecutor speaking to AFP said, "The case came up for hearing on Monday and the accused changed his plea and pleaded guilty to the offence after the witness testified. "The accused said he was intoxicated by alcohol. The accused was sentenced to three months imprisonment without an option of fine after a summary trial."

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Mr Uka    London, Nigerian    October 06, 2012
Homosexuality is a Perversion not found even among Animals.Who has ever seen a male Dog jumping upon a male Dog?

This Canker Worm is the very reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1--25), Abraham refused to accept gift from the King of Sodom(Genesis 14:22--24) and the Apostle Paul condemned it ( Romans . 1: 18--22).

Nigerians are expected to go abroad ,learn good things,come and effect a change, but what some of them are bringing back is Homosexuality !!!
While not supporting any Nigerian Leader, those who are saying kill this or that person should come back and do something better ,for "Honour or Shame on no condition lies ,act well your part for there all the Honour lies."
Leaders in Europe and America who are supporting Homosexuality are doing so for Political Reasons ,for they themselves are not Gay.They should drive their wives away to convince us that they are sincere.
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    September 24, 2012
There are more pressing problems in our country than homosexuality, ok ! Do something tangible for the people and leave the homosexuals alone.

Put the thieves in jail and stop the pandemic corruption that's hurting the people and the economy. Again, do something tangible.

Put Babangida in jail; put Abdussalam in jail; put OBJ in jail; put Bankole in jail; put Farouk in jail; put the whole Congress in jail; put rogue judges in jail; put Jonathan himself in jail. That's where they all belong - freaks.

Which kind country be dis? When will anything work here? For how long will we accept this nonsense? Who gave us independence self? What's the use of independence when our lives have become much worse than when we were being ruled by oyinbo?

Since oyinbo people left us, everything has become "yeye". Look at all our schools; they have all become "yeye" All the government colleges have become "yeye". The universities have become "yeye" Lawlessness has become the order of the day. The worst is the new culture of extra-judicial killings.

This is a hopeless nation. Only something calamitous will bring the necessary change, and I hope it comes soon. Hoping for change without attendant calamity is nothing but delusion. There won't be smoke without fire.

My people, be prepared. We will only succeed when preparation meets opportunity.
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