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Students executed in hostels in Adamawa state, Nigeria
| October 03, 2012
Students of Adamawa State University, Federal Polytechnic and the School of Health Technology, in Mubi, Adamawa State were embroiled in a horrific incident when gunmen invaded an off-campus hostel used by students of the three institutions and killed scores of students. Some reports put the number of students killed at about 40 students, but the police say 25 students were killed. Sources said that the gunmen entered the premises and called the victims by name and then shot them when they came out. One source said that the gunmen were also wearing soldier's uniforms and surrounded the compound around midnight, took the students outside, asked for their names and then shot some, while some were killed with knives. The police said 19 students and six other individuals including a security guard and a retired soldier were killed by the gunmen. . It is not clear why some students were killed and others were not. Though most people would expect that the victims would be of the same religion, the students killed include Muslims and Christians. There is some speculation that the killings are connected to Student Union Government elections, held last Sunday, which were heavily contested with a big divide between students from the North and students from the South. There is also speculation that the Joint Taskforce which has been in charge of security in the area probably colluded with the attackers. Residents have pointed out that a curfew has been in place in Mubi, Adamawa since January 2012 and it starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m. daily and the JTF is responsible for its enforcement. The residents wonder why the JTF men did not respond to the gunshots and how the attackers could have been operated for so long with a curfew in place and checkpoints everywhere. The affected schools have been closed down and students asked to leave, though most students have already moved out. Also, the presidency in reaction, during an interview with the BBC asked Nigerians to remain calm, and said “There is nowhere in the history of the world where local insurgency has been brought under much control at the rate at which it has happened in Nigeria. We are dealing with a very serious sect, the Boko Haram sect.”

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Concerned Person    LA, USA    October 08, 2012
This is really sad. The Nigerian government should do something about this problems. People no longer have respect for people's lives. It's really sad!! Government should please take note!
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    October 06, 2012
May the soul of the departed rest in peace. May God Almighty console the affected families, friends & well-wishers, amen. Boko Haram this, Boko Haram that. Every deadly thing in Nigeria now is seen as Boko Haram\'s operation. Quite unfortunate. If it were possible, government would have blamed Boko Haram for the floods in Makurdi, Lokoja, etc.

How would Boko Haram have been able to get a long list of students together with their respective hostels? If Boko Haram were that good, why have they not serially gunned down the members the various churches, legislatures, government officials, etc? Why would Boko Haram spend time to call out the victims one after the other when a big bomb could bring the hostel down with more casualities?

Why not limiting the scope of investigation, I like to believe that the killings were carried out by cult members. Those killed might probably the ones opposed to the activities of the cult members or belong to another cult group that was at war with the former. God save Nigeria.
Concerned Citizen    Toledo, Ohio, USA    October 04, 2012
It seems to be getting worse, not better. Is the presidency still opposed to the idea of calling a national conference to discuss the country's insurmountable problems? If so, why?
"Coming In From The Cold"    In California, U.S.A.    October 03, 2012
What kind of statement is this that is coming out from the President's mouth – that “nowhere in the history of the world where local insurgency has been brought under much control at the rate at which it has happened in Nigeria.” Is this statement supposed to console the parents of these young people or make them not feel the pain of their loss?

Why is it that this perfunctory President’s utterances always sound so petty and downright stupid? How can Jonathan tell people to remain calm in a situation like this?

Yes, we know you are dealing with a very serious sect, Boko Haram, but what are you doing about it? I am sure investigation will begin, continue, and never be finished, and no one will ever be brought to justice. I don’t expect Jonathan to do much about this.

What is the job of the JTF? Will anyone ever question the JTF for not responding adequately or enforcing the curfew? How can some people be flouting the curfew if there is no collaboration between these attackers and people who are supposed to enforce the curfew? This is the time to deploy police and soldiers who are not from that area to the north and there won’t be collaboration with them to carry out their dastardly acts. Let us “Onovo” them once again, like during the time of Yar’Adua.

Dem go hear “wen” once again, and this nonsense will stop.

As far as these thugs from the north are concerned, as long as you are from the south, Muslim or Christian, you are fair game; they don’t give a hoot. They don’t see a southern Muslim as up to par with them, religiously. I can bet you that the Muslims they killed were most probably those from the south.

Boko haram must be confronted and wiped out if anyone wants peace in this country. Jonathan should stop calling them “our” brothers. They are not our brothers; they should be destroyed. If the government won’t do the right thing to stop Boko Haram and the mayhem and carnage they are causing, people will eventually take up arms to face these idiots.
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