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Uniport students protest the killing of students - houses & cars burnt. Uniport closed indefinitely
| October 12, 2012
Students of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, yesterday protested the killing of four students by indigenes of Aluu community, a village beside the university. On friday, four students of the university – Biringa Lordson (Theatre Arts) Department; Ugonna Obuzor (Geology), Mike Toku (Civil Engineering); and Tekema Erikena -were brutally beating and lynched in Aluu for allegedly stealing a laptop computer and a BlackBerry phone. The beating and lynching were videotaped and posted to the internet, which caused outrage amongst Nigerians around the world. Lecturers and students of the university plus members of the the Southsouth and Southeast zones of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) blocked the East-West Road, which runs through the university, and brought traffic to a standstill. The protesters carried signs that expressed their anger and refused to leave the junction until the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ajienka, addressed them. Some of the student signs said, Aluu community 4 vs Uniport 0 - 1st half; “You cannot kill Nigerian students and go free”; “Aluu people must pay with their blood", etc. The vice chancellor finally spoke to the student after getting assurances that they would not attack him. Some the students then moved to Aluu where they set houses and cars on fire. Sources report that about 12 houses were burnt including the house of the chief of the community who is reported to have given the order to kill the students. About 30 students were reported to have been injured during the protests. With the latest development the school authorities announced the immediate closure of the university and it is to remain closed indefinitely. The Public Relations Officer of the university said, “The University of Port Harcourt has been shut down indefinitely and students have been told to vacate their hostels until normalcy returns to the institution. We will reopen when normalcy returns.” Meanwhile, the Rivers State government condemned the student protests saying that the killing of the students was not enough justification for students to start destroying property. The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) also issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Federal and Rivers State governments to apprehend and punish the perpetrators of the killing of the four UNIPORT students. The organisation also criticised President Goodluck Jonathan for not mentioning the incident or condoling their families in his broadcast to the nation on Tuesday. There have been reports that thirteen suspects have been arrested and eleven of them have been arraigned at a High Court in Port Harcourt.

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My Two Kobo    Ontario, California, USA    October 12, 2012
Mr. President, where are you? President Jonathan, please wake up from your slumber, the country is burning. If you don't want to lead, step aside and let someone else remedy this mess. Can you tell the country one good thing you have done to help the masses since assuming the post.

Your administration is looking more and more like a nightmare and frankly you are clueless on even the simplest issues. If the barbaric and cowardly lynching of four of our future leaders did nothing to prompt a condemnation statement let alone issue a condolence message to the victim's families, then you are truly "CLUELESS". How callous can you be? Do you still want the country to continue to pray for your ailing wife? Get real.

As for the River State government official equating the loss of properties to the loss of lives, I prayer that you suffer the same pain as relatives of our four brothers. You guys are not human, you are worse than animals.
Hils    Portharcourt, Nigeria    October 10, 2012
It was wrong on the state government to say that the killing of the four students was not enough to block traffic, in other words they should have waited for maybe at least half of the students population to have been killed before protesting it.
Matthew nwokike    warri, nigeria    October 10, 2012
If the brutal murder of these students is not justification for destruction of property then nothing will be. I praise uniport students for destruction of only property.the brutal killing nor only by beating but burning alive is unimaginable.

ALUU PEOPLE ARE REAL NDI ALU AND SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY. Even if the boys are guilty, they do not deserve this.
Genesis    Benue, Nigeria    October 10, 2012
its quite fortunate that this incident is reported as it happened. A similar but a different reason for the cause of an event of this type also occured in the University of Agriculture Makurdi where the villagers killed about 2 students but rather a different report was given by the VC. Its quite unfortunate that our educational system in Nigeria lacks security and untill this issue of security is tackled, our students will be worthless in the eyes of the world.
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